2 Zipfer Urtyp + 2 Puntigamer + 2 Gösser Märzen - 8L BLADE Kegs

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This case contains:

  • 2 Zipfer Urtyp - BLADE Kegs
  • 2 Puntigamer - BLADE Kegs
  • 2 Gösser Märzen - BLADE Kegs

Zipfer Urtyp: Austrian specialty, slightly sweet with a refined finish. Brewed with 4 types of hops, which creates a fruity character in a clean, solid lager.

Puntigamer: The bright yellow already promises beer enjoyment. The pleasantly malty, fruity taste and the finely tuned hops give Austria’s most popular Märzen beer its unique character.

Gösser Märzen: The bottom-fermented, light full beer is straw-yellow in color and pleasantly hoppy in fragrance with fine malt notes. The first taste is marked by clear malt tones. A slight hint of hops rounds off the harmonious taste of Gösser Märzen.

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2 Zipfer Urtyp + 2 Puntigamer + 2 Gösser Märzen - 8L BLADE KegsThis product includes

Gösser Märzen - 8L BLADE Keg

Lager | 5.2% | 8 Litres

Quantity: 2

Puntigamer - 8L BLADE Keg

Lager | 5.1% | 8 Litres

Quantity: 2

Zipfer Urtyp - 8L BLADE Keg

Lager | 5.4% | 8 Litres

Quantity: 2