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Texels Tasting Beer Case

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This is a public service announcement for all Texels beer fans! This case is for you. And if you are not already familiar with this brewery from the Dutch island of Texels, then this is for you too! A total of 12 beers, all made from the ingredients on or surrounding the island, await you in this tasting case. Inside you will find 2 bottles of each: Texels Skuumkoope, Texels Blond, Texels Tripel, Texels Springtij, Texels Goudkoppe and Texels Overzee IPA. The Texels Beer Case is great for home tastings, and it makes a perfect gift too!

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Texels Tasting Beer CaseThis product includes

Texels Overzee IPA

IPA | 6,0% | 30 cl

Quantity: 2

Texels Blond

Blond Beer | 5,0% | 30 cl

Quantity: 2

Texels Springtij

Bock Beer | 7,5% | 30 cl

Quantity: 2

Texels Goudkoppe

Blond Beer | 6,0% | 30 cl

Quantity: 2

Texels Tripel

Tripel Beer | 8,5% | 30 cl

Quantity: 2

Texels Skuumkoppe

German Wheat Beer | 6,0% | 30 cl

Quantity: 2