Rauw Brouwers - Weissguy 24pack - Beer Case

€ 69,92
€ 3,60 deposit (statiegeld) included

German Wheat Beer | 5,7% | 24 x 33 cl

LET THEM BE, YOU KNOW BETTER. YOU WEISSGUY! In the snow with your head in the sun or stretched out on the terrace after a long day at work. This is your Weizen! A balanced mix of wheat, Vienna and pilsner malt makes this beer fresh and drinkable. The Cascade hops and orange peel provide a soft, slightly sweet aftertaste. Is your glass too small and your thirst too great? Just grab one more. You know better. You Weissguy!

Style German Wheat Beer
ABV 5,7%
Origin The Netherlands
  • Barley Malt
  • Wheat Malt