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Father's Day Beer Gifts

Perfect gifts for beer-loving Dads!It's never too late to celebrate Dad!

• 16 fresh craft beers starting from €29,95 

•  Free delivery

•  Pick your delivery day close to Father's Day (16th of June)  

• Add an optional personal message to your gift

• Handpicked by specialists

Father's Day Selection Pack

In the Father's Day Selection Pack, or the “crowd-pleaser”, you will find 16 accessible but delicious beers that will appeal to everyone. For example, you will find popular blonds such as Affligem Blond, Cornet and the Kompaan Ally. You’ve also got some IPAs in there; Brand IPA, van de Streek Hop Art and Emelisse's lighter Session IPA. View full content of this pack

Father's Day Premium Pack

The Father's Day Premium Pack is full of more complex beers and lively beer styles; it's for fathers who might consider themselves more advanced beer drinkers and want to discover something new. Contents include Five Points' Railway Porter, or the sour Jungle Joy from Brussels Beer Project.  View full content of this pack

Not sure which pack your Dad will like most?


Home draught gifts

The SUB Compact Black


Compatible with 2 litre SUB Kegs

€ 129,00 € 89,00

Edelweiss Hefetrüb - SUB Keg

German Wheat Beer | 5,3% | 2 Litres

€ 8,99

Heineken - SUB Keg

Lager | 5,0% | 2 Litres

€ 6,99

The SUB Classic Red


Compatible with 2 litre SUB Kegs

€ 169,00 € 109,00

The SUB Classic Black


Compatible with 2 litre SUB Kegs

€ 169,00 € 109,00
Temporarily sold out

Pelforth Blonde - SUB Keg

Lager | 5,8% | 2 Litres

€ 7,49
Temporarily sold out

• Home draught starting from €69 

• Free shipping 

•  Pick your delivery day close to Father's Day (16th of June) 

• Add an optional personal message to your gift 

•  Choose from a growing range of TORPS to fill your home draught

There are three SUB Editions: :
  • THE SUB COMPACT is a smaller version of THE SUB with the same unique cooling system (Father's Day offer: €129,- €69,-)
  • THE SUB COLOR EDITION is the classic, high quality version of THE SUB (Father's Day offer: €169,- €99,-)
  • THE SUB HEINEKEN EDITION has anodised aluminum exterior for an extra luxurious look (Father's Day offer: €199,- €129,-)

Each version of THE SUB is compatible with the same TORPS (2 litre kegs). If your Dad is lucky enough to receive THE SUB, don’t forget to give him some beers with it! 


Which beers are available in TORPS? 

There are currently around 20 different beers available from all over the world. Whether you like a fresh Heineken, an exotic Tiger, a classic Affligem or are looking for special beers from Jopen or Delirium, we have a favourite for every beer lover. 



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