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BOTM Brussels Beer Project

Brewery of the Month: Brussels Beer ProjectOnly this month 10% discount on a full pack of beer from Brussels Beer Project

This month we pay special attention to Brussels Beer Project: Try the beers of this innovative brewer and discover what "Leave the abbey, join the playground" means! You do this with a 10% discount this month and the shipping is free.

To put the brewery in the spotlight even more, you also have the chance to win an original Brussels Beer Project shirt or cap!

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Choose your own Brussels Beer Project pack

Only this month you get a 10% discount on all beer from Brussels Beer Project, if you order a full pack. Add 16 beers to your shopping cart, the discount is automatically applied and you get the shipment for free.

How it works: add 16 Brussels Beer Project beers to your cart for an automatic 10% discount + free shipping.

Want to learn more about Brussels Beer Project? Check out our exclusive Brewery of the Month video: