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De selectie van Menno

Menno's selectionBeerwulf’s favourite beers: Menno, lead programmer

In our series of blogs about Beerwulf’s most loved beers, I ask the people at Beerwulf what their favourites are. This time it's the turn of Menno, our lead programmer.

Responsible for the team that makes sure our website is working as it should, Menno believes that “Beer should not be complex, just tasty." He loves a good beer, and is particularly fond of the following:

Paulaner Hefeweizen

Menno doesn’t like many herbs or hops in his beer, which is why he prefers a German Weizen, such as the Paulaner Hefeweizen. “After work I had a small glass of Paulaner. I still needed to drive, so I just took the rest home with me. It still tasted great!"

'What about Erdinger?", I ask. “I like that one too, but it is a bit more herby. Paulaner is my favourite.”


Affligem Blond

Easy to drink, classic and tasteful. “A blonde beer that is simple and good,” says Menno. “What I choose to drink really depends on the moment, but Affligem Blond is always a go-to choice”.

An alternative for him is the Hoppenbier van Jopen: “This is also a 'simple but good' beer.”

Chimay Tripel

Menno's next choice – the Chimay Tripel - shows his preference for solid beer. “I love all beers of Chimay. Trappist beer is not extreme or artificial in taste, and so it tastes really good. This tripel is particularly great because of the fruity flavour.”

Another great tripel is the Zatte van ’t IJ from Amsterdam, says Menno. "A little more hoppy, but still not artificial in taste.“

St. Bernardus Abt 12

“The Abt 12 from St. Bernardus is a beer I really take the time to enjoy. This beer is always mentioned with the Westvleteren 12, as the receipe is the same. But the taste is the real differentiator. I have to be honest - I have never compared them by tasting one after the other.  It would be a nice test!"

Menno also mentions Kasteel Donker as an alternative. “A dark Belgian quadrupel," which sounds like a good one to end on to us. Cheers Menno!

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