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7 things you should know about our Father's Day PackThe best Father's Day gift money can buy

Beer for Father's Day, what more can your Dad want? We’ve put together a pack that’s ideal for your old man this Father's Day.

And if that’s not enough, we’ve got 7 reasons why this year's Father's Day Pack from Beerwulf is an exceptionally good idea. Everything you need to know about it, all the whys and the whats. 

#1 More than just your average lager

It’s a great opportunity to introduce your father to more than just your average lager. We know they’re delicious but there is so much more to discover! The beers in the Father’s Day Selection Pack are accessible and not too “out there”. Even if your father is a creature of habit and prone to sticking to what he knows, he will still enjoy this selection!

#2 Upgrade to the Father's Day Premium Pack

For those slightly more adventurous fathers, who want to try a something a little livelier, we have put together the Father's Day Premium Pack. Still quite accessible and easy to drink (though we are sure he doesn’t need encouragement), this is a great opportunity for seasoned beer lovers to discover something new. You'll find a Porter, several hoppy IPA's, a fruity brown ale and even a beer with Yuzu, seaweed and Sichuan peppers!

#3 Free shipping to the address of your choice

A pack of beer, delivered for free, wherever you want! For ultimate convenience, have it delivered directly to your dad, or, you can always have it delivered to you. Also don’t worry about receipts, we will not include payment details with the pack, just an overview of the contents. You can also add personal messages to your order - saves you buying an extra card and a trip to the Post Office.

#4 Including personal message

When ordering, you can leave a personal message for your father. Very convenient, if you choose to address the pack directly to him. Then you can let him know how much he means to you and then he will know immediately from whom he got this beautiful package of crafty beers. Who knows, maybe he will invite you to enjoy it together?

#5 It's great for themed tastings 

If you're lucky enough to join him, then try a tasting. The Father's Day Pack is ideal for this. Fun and social, it's a gift best shared! Organise a tasting with differently themed rounds, for example:

- Wheat & White: 4 times white and weizen with each its own twist. Taste them in this order: De Leckere Witte Vrouwen - Vollenhoven Princessen bier - Two Chefs Tropical Ralphie - Brouwerij 't IJ IJwit.

- 5 different beers from different provinces: Emelisse Session IPA (Zeeland) - Kompaan Bondgenoot (South Holland) - Vandestreek Hop Art (Utrecht) - Vandeoirsprong Het Dubbele Bier (North Brabant) - Bruut Gajes (North Holland).

Also fun: mini-battles, where you can taste 2 similar beer styles next to each other. Even more fun if you don't know in advance which beer is in which glass, so blind tasting! Try it with Cornelissen Pax Pils vs. Birra Moretti (pils-lager battle) and then with Ninkasi Hell of a Saison vs. Dubuisson Surfine (Saison battle).

#6 Perfect for a BBQ session

Unwind and relax. Beer is best drunk chilled (that’s the drink and the drinker); a spot in the garden or a barbecue with a few sausages is all you need! Dependent on the Dutch weather, of course. The Father's Day Pack contains matching beers, all of which are not too heavy. It includes fresh witbier, tasty IPA’s and some solid blond beers. Happiness can be so wonderfully simple!

#7 Perfectly packaged

We are very proud of our Beerwulf box: all bottles are well protected to avoid any damage or breakages. We are also keen on the design, which leaves some blank spaces for you to get creative if you so please. Let your imagination run wild and surprise dad with a personalised pack...or you can just add some ribbon and call it a day.

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