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Star wars movie marathon

Beers for a Star Wars movie marathonWhether on the Dark or the Light (beer) side, our recommendations have you covered

It´s not long now until ´Star Wars: The Last Jedi´ is released in cinemas, and we´re sure that a lot of you are just as excited we are. With the excitement building there´s only one thing for it: a Star Wars movie marathon.

Given the time of year, we´ve decided at Beerwulf HQ that this is the perfect excuse to stay indoors, turn off the lights, and crack the beers open. Whether you´ll be inviting friends round, or going (Han) Solo, we´ve created a list of beers for you that is as epic as the movies themselves.

It doesn´t matter if you´re at one with the Light or on the Dark Side, there´s a selection for all tastes.

We don´t want to get into the debate of which order of films to go with (chronologically, if you´re asking), but can offer some more important advice. So grab your popcorn, put the lightsaber on safety and prepare for this epic marathon by ordering our suggested beers below, without having to go to a galaxy far, far away…

After a consultation with the Jedi council, the Masters have agreed to grant free delivery on orders of 12 beers or more. The DHL Podracers will take care of delivery in 24 hours.