A visit to...Bruut

Bruut is run by Sander and Ward, two good friends who began homebrewing many years ago. They started brewing on a larger scale in 2014.

Sander and Ward believe that sustainability and care are the two most important aspects for brewing quality beer. It’s not expansion and growth that are the driving forces behind Bruut, but values, purpose and a passion for beer. They brew relatively dry blond beers that are grounded in beer brewing traditions, but also enriched with contemporary flavours and current trends. Restrained yet innovative, Bruut’s beers are also unfiltered and unpasteurised.

Sander and Ward want to brew balanced, accessible beers. This strategy is paying off as Bruut Gajes was chosen as the best beer in the Netherlands at the Dutch Beer Challenge 2016. Gajes is a robust, hopped, strong, blond beer with a beautiful fresh citrus aroma. The beer is layered and has a medium-dry body. Caramel malt and the Centennial and Cascade hops gives Gajes its depth. It’s a roller coaster of taste for fans of layered beer. Another of Bruut’s beers, Saison BRÛÛT, came second in its category.


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Beer and design go hand in hand

Beer and design go hand in hand

Sander and Ward’s office is located in Amsterdam near Czaar Peterstraat. The building exudes beer, but it somewhat resembles a high-end interior design or clothing store. It goes without saying that flavour is the most important aspect of the beers, but never underestimate the impact of attractive packaging. Bold labels, branded t-shirts and sweaters catch the eye. This is all due to Sander’s passion for design. He also owns a t-shirt brand, called Eclectix, and personally creates t-shirt designs that are hand-printed on-site onto sustainable textiles.

The building exudes beer, but it could just as well be a high-end interior design store. 
New beer: Fier.3

Bruut’s beers will soon undergo a label redesign and a new beer called Fier.3 will be added to the portfolio. It is, as the guys call it, a juicy Session Pale Ale. Dry, restrained, yet intriguing. It’s a layered beer that has much to offer in spite of its low alcohol content of 4.3%.

The dream: zero emissions and waste

The guys’ dream is to build a small, sustainable brewery with zero emissions and waste, as well as opening up a taproom. That’s why they’ve launched a crowdfunding campaign. You are welcome to contribute. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with them if you have any interesting ideas or suggestions, or if you are an investor or crowdfunder. Bruut, a brewery with gorgeous, balanced craft beers. We’re excited to see what awards they win next!

The dream: zero emissions and waste