Beer kegs for sale 

Tap deliciously fresh pints straight from the Draught Keg, no system or appliance necessary! Ideal for every party, picnic, BBQ, gift or even just an evening in.


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Mini kegs

At you will find a great selection of different "mini" kegs for sale. You are spoilt for choice with all the different brands and styles we have. Heineken, Pelforth, Delirium, Affligem, you name it, we've got it! Each full box (2x Draught Kegs) is delivered free of charge to an address of your choice.

Kegs of beer for parties 

Are you looking for a keg for your next celebration? Or do you just want to have enough beer for you and your friends at home? If you want to invite your friends over for a post-work pint, a 5L keg is ideal. Bring a 5L Draught Keg to your next party and you are guaranteed to be a very popular guest.

5L beer keg

A Draught Keg has many advantages and can be used for many occasions. Are you planning to throw a party at home, are you inviting people over for a drink or are you searching for an original gift? The 5L Draught Keg is your faithful saviour in all these situations. 

Draught kegs without appliance

You can easily use all of our Draught Kegs without a tap. You can draught fresh beer directly from the keg, making it ideal for any party - after all, not everyone has a home tap system. Our tip: For optimal drinking pleasure, you should cool the Draught Keg for around 10 hours before tapping.

How long does a Draught Keg last?

After you open the keg, the beer in it (chilled) remains fresh for 30 days. However, make sure that you regularly check the best before date. With Draught Kegs, however, this a luxury problem, you'll be lucky if there is any left for that long!!! Enjoy.