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What is a Black Velvet drink?

The Black Velvet cocktail is a deliciously dark cocktail made from a combination of stout and sparkling white wine.

Black Velvet cocktail

Don’t knock this until you’ve tried it, it’s actually fantastic. You would be mistaken to assume this the Black Velvet is a strange new faddy “Instagram” cocktail, it has in fact been around for a very long time. Some say that is the original beer cocktail! Rumour has it that it was created to mourn the death of Prince Albert in 1861. The suggestion is that it represents the black or purple armbands worn by mourners.

Black Velvet Guinness

Black Velvet is most commonly Guinness and Champagne but as with all good homemade recipes, there’s room for a bit of creativity. You can use Cava or prosecco, Guinness or any stout for that matter.

There isn’t much to the recipe, just combine equal parts sparkling wine with stout. The glass isn’t too important, although it was traditionally served in a Tankard, flutes add a fancy flair. Firstly, half fill Champagne flutes with the stout, then carefully pour in the wine. If you’re careful with the pour you can two beautiful layers, as the different densities means the they remain quite separate. Our secret tip is pouring the beer over the back of a spoon to disrupt the flow. This way you will get the layers with a glorious creamy foam head.

How strong is Black Velvet

As an example, if you do equal parts of each and buy Murphy's Irish Stout from Beerwulf, the end result will be around 8% ABV. Murphy's Irish Stout is 4% ABV and the average for Champagne is 12% ABV.

It's fun to experiment with different flavours, so we suggest filling a case of 16 to try out a few. That means you get it delivered FREE of charge also! 

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