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Beer pancakes

Shrove Tuesday is coming up, so it’s time to get ready for some delicious pancakes. It’s the perfect opportunity to get creative and try out some new recipes. So why not bake some pancakes with beer this year?

When is Pancake Day?

Pancake Day falls on Shrove Tuesday. This changes every year, this year it falls on 16th February 2021.

The day of feasting

Shrove Tuesday is traditionally the last opportunity for indulging in a feast before the fasting season begins. Especially food items like eggs and milk, which are the essential ingredients for pancakes, were not allowed during the fasting period. Hence, these foods had to be used up and the tradition of eating pancakes before Ash Wednesday established.  This tradition is still very much present in the UK and Pancake Day is celebrated all over the country. 

Pancakes with beer

What else shouldn’t be missing at a feast? You got it: Beer! That’s why we tried some delicious pancakes with beer, and it turns out that it’s actually a great ingredient. The carbonation of the beer makes the pancake light and fluffy with just a little zing from the yeast and the depth of flavour from the beer gives a little touch of spice. It also comes very handy if you want to avoid dairy, ran out of milk or, are vegan. The recipe is very simple, and the milk is simply replaced by beer.

Pancake ideas

Pancake batter with beer!

The question arises, what beer to use? Different beers will give a different twist to the pancake. There’s not really a right or wrong. So, there are a few ways options to choose from, firstly we suggest choosing one of our specialty beer cases. With a mixed beer case you have lots to choose from. Take the 12 Popular Beer Case as an example. If you fancy fruity pancakes, then you should go for a Belgian ale, such as Judas or Affligem Blond which will add a fruity touch. Or go full on fruit with Mort Subite Kriek Lambic. For blueberry pancakes, go for a white, wheaty beer like Brand Weizen. You'll get flavours of fresh coriander and orange peel with a slight tartness from the blueberries and balanced sweetness...especially if you use maple syrup. 

For the adventurous types, try the Beer Tasting Case. Something a bit quirky, like pancakes with bacon, you could for go for a rich Quadrupel. The combination will be sweet and malty, after all we all know caramel and bacon is a match made in heaven. Try La Trappe Quadrupel for full flavours of toffee and dried fruit. A dash of that in your pancake with some bacon is a mouth-watering mix!

If you decide to top your pancake with chocolate, then we suggest adding a dark beer or a stout into the mix. For a real adult take on chocolate pancakes, go with Oedipus Panty. When it comes to dark beers, chocolate and coffee go hand-in-hand. Oedipus Panty is coffee forward, with a good dose of chocolate that will be heavenly when matched with any type of chocolate pancake. The bitterness of coffee will cut through the sweetness of a white chocolate, but swap in some dark chocolate and watch the roasted bitterness of both beer and chocolate go head-to-head and complement each other just perfectly. 

Try, Brouwerij de Brabandere Petrus Cherry Chocolate Nitro Quad, the sweetness of the caramel and cherry will elevate but not overpower the sweetness of the pancake. Heard of PBJ? Try this with, some peanut butter or chocolate and almonds. Or even just some icing sugar! See how the beer complements each of the different flavours of your pancake topping!

Or keep it simple and use the classic lemon and sugar topping. Then you can replace the milk in the pancake batter with one of the light lagers from our Lager and Pilsner Case. They're classics for a reason, if it aint broke, don't fix it!

Always remember, the best (and also the most fun) is to try it yourself and just experiment! We think everything tastes better with beer. 

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Recipe for Beer Pancakes

  • Add all the dry ingredients together, as well as the beer and whisked egg (or banana for a vegan option. Stir the batter until there are no lumps left.

  • Heat up a splash of oil in the pan and pour some batter onto the pan on a medium heat. 

  • Flip it after about 2-3 minutes on the other side. Remember that looks aren't everything - they will taste delicious all the same! You will find the rhythm that works for you, so the first one will always be a bit less photogenic. Once it is done, put on a plate and cover with tin foil to keep warm whilst you make the rest. 

  • Once all are made, just add the toppings and enjoy your beery pancakes!

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