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Great gift inspiration

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Random Act of Kindness Day 2022

Random Acts of Kindness Day, 17th February, is a day dedicated to being nice to one another! The idea is simple, do something unexpectedly kind.  We think everyone could do with some extra kindness and joy in their lives and beer presents are a great way to do this and are always a pleasure to receive. That's why we suggest sending someone a beer case they aren't expecting. Imagine the delight on their face when they open the door to a case full of their favourite beers and the great thing is, you can add a personal message from you! We have some great beer ideas below, for both distanced giving and for those in your household, there are no excuses. So, if you live together or apart, whether it's a big or small gesture, sentimental or fun, it's just a great opportunity to be kind to the people you care about. 

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Random Act of Kindness Ideas

After the year we've had, surprise someone with an unexpected gift.

discover.pngSend a beer case straight to them! 

discover.pngReplenish their SUB Keg stock

discover.pngOrganise a (virtual) beer tasting 

discover.pngPlan a beer and cheese evening   

discover.pngBake them some beer bread