The history of...Tiny Rebel

Tiny Rebel was conceived in the Welsh city of Newport in 2011 with little more than two creative yet rebellious blokes, an empty garage, and an unquenchable thirst for beer.

Gazz and Brad set out without a business plan, a recipe or an image, but they soon discovered the aesthetic behind their style of beer-making when they tied it together with their urban environment and the graffiti on the walls around them. In 2012, the lads formally went into business together and Tiny Rebel was born.

Tiny Rebel beer

It was clear the beer was good early on: when Tiny Rebel beer started selling out every day of the Great Welsh Beer and Cider Festival, Gazz and Brad knew they had more work ahead to increase their stock. So they launched an online presence, bought a van, and even opened a bar in the centre of Cardiff to bring their beer to the masses.

Their core range includes the Welsh Red Ale, Cwtch, a cosy Welsh word that can mean either ‘cuddle’ or ‘cubbyhole’. (Note: having trouble pronouncing it? It rhymes with ‘butch’.) Tangy and aromatic American hops add freshness to this caramel flavoured beer, and with a slightly bitter aftertaste, it goes down a treat.

From the seasonal selection, check out Hadouken. Named after the powerful fireball attack move from classic video game Street Fighter, this IPA is intensely hoppy and uncompromising on flavour. Beatbox, their American style ale, is a fruitier, more gentle alternative that’s easier to drink a few of.

Tiny Rebel brewery

As of the summer of 2017, the new Tiny Rebel Brewery is open for business in Newport. The Tiny Rebel brewery is open to visitors - take a tour around the facility or shop for branded gear and beer. Its bar and restaurant are open from Wednesday to Sunday.

Tiny Rebel