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The background of...Pontus Brewing

Started as Pampus Brewery and a hobby project, the guys from Pontus Brewing have been brewing beer since 2013 with an eye on the future and respect for tradition. The brewery has developed into an established name in the craft beer scene of the Netherlands.

With a continuous drive and sharply developed flair, brewer Nando Servais has been responsible for a varying range since the beginning. Since the beginning of 2017, Pontus Brewing has been given a boost to international experience and unrestrained energy in the form of Max Rood. Together they brew for real beer drinkers.

Pontus Brewing

As rental brewers, they choose to brew the beer on a small scale. This is done at De Berging Brewery in Purmerend, and the Amstelveen brewery De Naeckte Brouwers. Because of the relatively small brewing batches, and the local production, they can promise the freshness of the beer. The importance of freshness is also reflected in the production method. All beers are unfiltered and thus retain taste and character. Due to the secondary fermentation in the bottle, they also continue to evolve in taste and essence.

Variation in taste is crucial for Pontus Brewing. So many drinkers, so many flavors. The men therefore believe that everything can and must be brewed. That is why Pontus Brewing offers you a wide range and one-time - tailor-made - brews.

For Those With A Thirst For Life!