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The history of...Paulaner

The brewery was first headed by a monk (Paulaner is German for monk) and brewed bock beer. These days, Paulaner brews many different kinds of beer and is best known internationally for its Weizen beers.

Paulaner's liquid gold is served alongside beers from five other local breweries at the annual Oktoberfest in Munich, the world’s largest beer festival. The brewery is very proud of this fact, as it should be. Two centuries ago, in Munich, there was a beer revolution. The residents of the city revolted against a rise in beer prices. All the other local breweries were ravaged, only the Paulaner brewery remained intact. You can probably guess why...

The Paulaner HefeWeizen Naturtrub and HefeWeizen Dunkel are exquisite and delicious standard-bearers for the Weizen segment. The Paulaner Salvator is unknown to many. It's a Dubbel Bock that wins prizes year after year at bock beer festivals. Ready to give it a try? Cheers!


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