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The history of...Vandeoirsprong

Brewery Vandeoirsprong is located in Oirschot. The more than 400-year-old building has always been known as a brewery. A wonderful past that owner Coen van Genugten wants to preserve as much as possible or even restore it to its former glory. "Beer brewing is here in the stones, in the air and in the soul of this place." Despite this, Coen opted for a radically different approach to brewing his various beers. Together with its three brewers, Coen has opted for honest, tasty beers. Brabant presented. Functional. Without any frills. 

The brewers

The three brewers, Joost van Zeeland, Frans Schamp and Harrie Vermeer form a close-knit trio. A triumvirate that seeks out real taste and high quality with unbreakable love for beer and unimaginable focus. Again and again. The Vandeoirsprong creed is not for nothing: "We are full of energy and enthusiasm at Vandeoirsprong. We put love and pleasure in our beers. In brewing and bottling. In the taste."

The source

The Vandeoirsprong tasting room located next to the brewery. Next to the brewery and next to the source. Vandeoirsprong has its own water source. The smooth foundation among the really excellent tasting beers. Beers who have found their way to the enthusiast in a short time. No wonder with three brewers who combine the old-fashioned craft and the much-needed knowledge of today. Slowly but surely modeling an assortment with their finest beers.