The brewer from...Brouwerij Punt.

Henkjan Matthijs (the brewer from PUNT.): "People from Groningingen in Holland are sober people, averse to frills with a no-nonsense mentality. Do not expect any barrel aged beers from us, or an abundance of herbs, coffee beans and chocolate. Groningen brews beers as they are intended with: water, malt, hops and yeast. That is just a good beer POINT." (This is where the name from the brewery came from, the Dutch translation is PUNT)

Brouwerij Punt.

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Punt Tripel

Tripel Beer | 8,0% | 33 cl

€ 2,59
Temporarily sold out

Punt. Blond

Blond Beer | 5,1% | 33 cl

€ 2,99
Temporarily sold out