Two Chefs Brewing Beer x Chocolate Pairing 6-pack

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Beer pairings only savoury? Of course not! Even the sweet tooth can pair Two Chefs Brewing with food that takes taste explosions to a new level. Perfect to give or to keep all to yourself.... we don't judge! ;) Pairing: - Tropical Ralphie x White Raspberry Hoppy Weizen: this combination is totally knettah! The fruity body of Ralphie paired too crazy with the raspberry and white chocolate, the popping sugar creating a unique mouthfeel. - Green Bullet x Milk Pecan Crunch Caramel: the robust hop bitterness of the IPA harmonises perfectly with the sweet coating of caramel and the crunchy texture of pecans. Let the flavours dance on your tongue as the quirky character of Green Bullet blends with the creamy and crunchy texture of the chocolate.

Two Chefs Brewing Beer x Chocolate Pairing 6-packThis product includes

Green Bullet

IPA | 6,5% | 33 cl

Quantity: 3

Tropical Ralphie

German Wheat Beer | 5,0% | 33 cl

Quantity: 3