Rauw Brouwers - Hocus Pocus Pilatus Pils 12pack - Beer Case

€ 35,53
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Pilsner & Hoppy Lager | 4,9% | 12 x 33 cl

Valuepack 12 cans of Hocus Pocus Pilatus Pils POOF, GLASS EMPTY! You never dreamed that lager could taste like this. Hocus Pocus Pilatus Pils is an unfiltered craft pilsner that makes your fantasy come true. Let yourself be carried away by the refined bitterness of Saaz hops and taste the rich sensation of this extraordinarily tasty lager. We can't share the mysterious recipe with you, but we can share the enchantment. Drink this golden yellow magic potion with your friends and you will notice that a full glass is an illusion!
Style Pilsner & Hoppy Lager
ABV 4,9%
Origin The Netherlands
  • Barley Malt