Funky Falcon value 12-pack

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Pale Ale | 5,2% | 12 x 33 cl

Ladies and gentlemen, the falcon has landed! This groovy feathered friend is a bona fide crowd pleaser with its light character, smooth bitterness, and suave finish. Wet your beak with the Funky Falcon, and you’ll be gracefully greeted with flowing flavors of lemongrass and citrus with fresh floral aromatics and a hint of pine. It’s no wonder the Funky Falcon is Two Chefs’ golden goose; this tasty thirst-quencher is a fantastic companion in any situation. It never ruffles any feathers, is delightfully crisp, and goes down real smooth. It’s a timeless classic that would be an excellent choice for a “forever beer” if you ever had to choose one beer to drink for the rest of your life.
Style Pale Ale
ABV 5,2%
Origin The Netherlands
  • Barley Malt
  • Oat Malt