Oktoberfest 2019

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Oktoberfest officially kicks off this year on September 21st 2019 at midday, but if you can’t catch a flight to Munich, there’s no reason to miss out!

We’ve put together 12 extra special Oktoberfest beers with a crafty twist especially for the occasion. If long queues at the bar, £10 steins and Autumn drizzle aren’t for you, the perfect way to celebrate the festival is to buy Oktoberfest beers ahead of time. Enjoy this pack from the comfort of your home, and maybe even discover some new German beers in the process.

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Zapf Your Oktoberfest beer with The SUB, the home draught tap. Are you bringing Oktoberfest to your home? Then The SUB home beer tap is a must! What is better than tapping fresh German beers from your own home. Check out our light and wheat beer, ideal for Oktoberfest.  A literal use of o'zapft!

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The SUB Compact Black


Compatible with 2 litre SUB Kegs

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You prefer to drink from a bottle? Then experience Bavaria with the Oktoberfest beer pack. 

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Paulaner Hefeweizen Dunkel

German Wheat Beer | 5,3% | 50 cl

€ 2,49
Temporarily sold out

Schoppe Das ist kein Oktober****bier

Lager | 5,8% | 33 cl

€ 3,19

Schneider Weisse Fest Weisse (TAP 4)

German Wheat Beer | 6,2% | 50 cl

€ 2,69
Temporarily sold out

Hoppebräu Helles

Lager | 4,9% | 50 cl

€ 2,39

What actually is Oktoberfest beer?

The original Oktoberfest beer is a malted stock with about 6% alcohol. But only six brewers worldwide can call it that - that's why the style is so exciting and Oktoberfest is a must on any bucket list. Do you want to know more? Then read our article " What is Oktoberfest beer ?"

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Would you prefer to taste a range of Bavarian beer styles or are you looking for the perfect gift for the Oktoberfest, then order the Oktoberfest beer pack!

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Oktoberfest beer pack

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Oktoberfest pack

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In the southern part of Germany, Bavaria, they know how to brew a good beer and how to organise a good party! Thousands of tourists come to the annual Oktoberfest. Thanks to the Oktoberfest Pack with 12 delicious beers brewed in Southern Germany or at least based on this style you don’t even need to leave your house to celebrate. Don’t forget the pretzels and the bratwurst!

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