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A very limited edition beer

A very limited edition beer

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An unprecedented IPA !!

An unprecedented IPA !!

Brut Rosé IPA brewed with Petite Syrah grape
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Lagunitas Brut Rosé IPA

Petaluma Fuzz 


Petaluma Fuzz is a Californian Brut IPA with clear French influences. This beer asserts its "French touch" with its pink tones and its fine sparkling bubbles. The beer starts sweet at first but is bone dry in the finish, exactly how a Brut IPA should be, but with a little Frenchie finesse!

This beer owes its rosy, pink colour to the Petit Syrah grapes. Fruity, woody with notes of strawberries, bananas, cherries and even chewing gum, this Brut Rosé IPA shows all the usual characteristics of wines made from this variety of grape. 

A VERY limited edition IPA

Only available online at
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Lagunitas never fail to surprise us... and this year is no exception. Lagunitas organised an exceptional experience for a team of bar owning brand loyalists. They were given the opportunity to co-create a brand-new beer at the Lagunitas brewery in Petaluma, California. The end product is a nod to both the Californian and French vineyards, whilst still maintaining a classic Lagunitas touch. 

Co-creation is weaved throughout, from malt and hops selection, brewing and choice of name!

Petaluma Fuzz takes on the very essence of what makes the Lagunitas IPA so successful with an added touch of "Frenchness" to give it a certain je ne sais quoi. 

The story of Petaluma Fuzz

Half French - half Californian beer
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The secrets of its production lie in it's creators.  Jérémy Marshall left the keys to his brewery with Bryan, the brand's ambassador and a team of five bar owners. The entourage included Californian Scott Schuder of Paris's Dirty Dick, the creative Yannick Bucco from Willie Carter Shape in Montpellier, music lover Gérard Mauduit from Chien Stupide in Nantes and finally Damien Clémente and Jean Teiten from Vivian’s bar in Metz. For this mission, they were given one instruction:  bring a "French touch" to this Californian beer.


This is not the first time Lagunitas have brewed collaborative concoctions, but never before have they been bottled and available to buy online! We are proud to offer the first ever opportunity to purchase one of their “fusion” beers!

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