Celebrate King's day with cans!

1: They're easy to carry 

Cans are lighter, never break and take up less space. In short, you can carry them around with you really easily! During Kingsday in the Netherlands, it's also not allowed to carry glass with you. So bring a can!

2: The best taste

Anyone who has sipped a beer that has been sitting too long in direct sunshine knows this: light is bad for beer. It actually causes a biochemical reaction, particularly with the hops. Light doesn’t get a chance to do this to canned beers, however. And no, your beer won’t taste like metal. Cans these days are of such a high quality that they don't transfer any flavours.

3: They cool quicker

Cans are made from metal, which transfers its temperature more quickly than glass. Beer in cans therefore cools quicker than bottles, whether you put it in the fridge or tie it behind your boat.

4: They're easy to open

With a can, you don't need to find a bottle opener. Messing with a lighter, your mobile or your teeth is never going to be an issue again.

5: They're perfect for old Dutch games

Cans are completely recyclable, but before you throw an empty can into the bin, you can also play an old Dutch game with it. Pile up all the cans and throw a ball against them. Whoever knocks over the most cans wins!

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