Beerwulf's Flea Market

If you didn't know already, flea markets are a tradition on King's Day - so this year Beerwulf is having one too! So hunt for some great beery deals on your favourite brewer, or try something new (and orange) to celebrate the season of royalty! 

What is King's Day? 

Kingsday is the annual celebration, as the name suggests, of the Dutch King's birthday. It is a national holiday and is now celebrated on 27th April every year as that is the birthday of the current Dutch monarch, King Willem.

How is King's Day traditionally celebrated? 

It depends on where in The Netherlands you find yourself, but traditionally there are street parties, flea markets and lots of festivals! As most people in the countries have the day off, it's a great time to hang out with friends with some beers in the (hopefully) sunshine. King's Day in Amsterdam is not for the faint-hearted, with very crowded streets and partying until dawn, so be warned!

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