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Just like last year, King's Day will be celebrated slightly differently in 2021. No flea market in the square, social gatherings with friends or parties in the city ... But that does not mean that it won’t be fun!

Princesse Bier from Poesiat & Kater

If you’re going to celebrate King's Day at home, you need to do it with a well-stocked fridge. To stay in theme, the Poesiat & Kater brewery from Amsterdam has adorned their Princesse Beer in a special orange jacket this year.

The beer can be ordered here at Beerwulf, in a value case of 12 cans or draught your own with The SUB.

Organise a virtual beer tasting

Did you know that you can also do a beer tasting very well digitally? Make sure everyone in your group of friends has the same beers at home, set up a live stream and drink together! Tips for the ultimate (virtual) beer tasting and a taste form can be found in the article below.

Organise a beer tasting

Beer for tastings!

Beer Tasting Case + Beer Glass

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IPA Beer Case

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World of Beers Case

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Dutch Brewers Beer Case

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Digital board games

Playing a game with friends is still possible, even in times of quarantine. There are many games and digital board games that you can play online or via a video connection without too much hassle. A few tips:

  • Jackbox Party Packs: One person livestreams the Jackbox Party games via Jitsi and all other players can log in via their phone. Jackbox even has a blog post explaining everything. 
  • Skribbl: Via play a kind of pictionary for free. Create a private channel and send your friends the link to play together.
  • It's Quiz Time: Live pub quizzing is a popular quarantine pastime, and It's Quiz Time makes it really easy. You can also broadcast this game via Jitsi so that (maximum 8) players can participate via their phone. Or stream via Twitch, Youtube or Mixer and compete against each other in the chat. Available on PS4 Xbox One and PC
  • Act It Out: The Act It Out game can be livestreamed via Twitch, Youtube or Mixer. The host has to portray or draw different things and viewers can collect answers and points through the chat. Available on PS4 and PC.

Pull pints yourself with The SUB

Do you miss the wonderfully refreshing taste of a freshly tapped beer from your favourite brown café? Well why don’t you turn your own kitchen into a real home bar with The SUB! 

The SUB is our home draught system that cools your beer to a delicious 2 °C. Installation and maintenance are child's play, so you don't have to worry about that. Beer comes in special SUB Kegs, which are kept fresh and pressurised by The SUB for 2 weeks after opening. And our range of different beers continues to grow, so there is always something new to try!

Discover The SUB  Check out our SUB Kegs

The SUB Compact Black Heineken Starter Pack


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Heineken - 2L SUB Keg

Lager | 5,0% | 2 Litres

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