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Fresh IPA

NEW: Fresh IPADrink your IPA fresh!

It’s a fact, IPA tastes the best when it’s fresh. That's why we are introducing something new at Beerwulf: Fresh IPA!

To start the year as fresh as our beer, in late 2018 we asked four Dutch brewers to brew an IPA ready to be bottled or canned the first weekend in January. Right after filling, the beers will be sent to our distribution centre, and you can order them as soon as possible! Trust us - you have never tasted an IPA this fresh.

Do you want to try all the beers? Then go for our Fresh IPA Bundle. You will find four of each four Fresh IPAs. And if you order a full pack/bundle, the delivery will be free!

4 beers for € 11,96  

Frequently asked questions:

Why Fresh IPA?

Our beer journalist Nathan, together with four brewers, came to the conclusion that you should always drink IPA fresh!

When were the beers brewed?

We asked the brewers of ‘t Uiltje, Frontaal, Kompaan and Oedipus to organise their brewing process in such a way that all beers could be filled around the first weekend of January. On Tuesday, the 6th of January, all beers will arrive in our distribution center. After that, we will publish them as soon as possible on this page, so you can order them right away!

IPA? In a can?

Cans are actually the perfect packaging for beer - especially for IPAs! On our blog, beer expert Rick Kempen tells you why.

Are these IPAs the only fresh ones?

We guarantee absolute quality for all the beers that we sell. It is therefore not the case that the rest of our range is no longer good, but only with these four IPAs we can guarantee the filling date.

What happens when the IPAs go out of stock?

At the moment this is a one-time batch of fresh IPAs, so be quick if you don’t want to miss out! We hope to be able to plan  Fresh IPAs again with several brewers later on. If you want to be kept informed about this, the best way is to sign up for our newsletter!