Brasserie du Mont blanc

Brewery of the Month: Brasserie du Mont BlancGet 10% off all Brasserie du Mont Blanc beers throughout this month

This month in the spotlight: the French brewery Brasserie du Mont Blanc!

Try these pure and refreshing beers from France now with a discount of 10%. These French beers are brewed with glacier water from the Mont Blanc mountain in the Alps, a real taste of nature! Add 16 beers to your cart and get them delivered for free.

La Cristal IPA du Mont Blanc

IPA | 4,7% | 33 cl

€ 2,79

La Blonde du Mont Blanc

Blond Beer | 5,8% | 33 cl

€ 2,69

La Blanche du Mont Blanc

White Beer | 4,7% | 33 cl

€ 2,69

La Rousse du Mont Blanc

Amber & Red Ale | 6,5% | 33 cl

€ 2,69

La Bleue du Mont Blanc

Fruit Beer | 5,9% | 33 cl

€ 2,69

La Violette du Mont Blanc

Fruit Beer | 4,7% | 33 cl

€ 2,69

La Verte du Mont Blanc

Blond Beer | 5,9% | 33 cl

€ 2,79

Meet the brewer from Brasserie du Mont Blanc

Meet Sylvain Chiron, the passionate brewmaster from Brasserie du Mont Blanc... and discover his unique beers brewed with the best ingredients and especially the water from the glaciers. 



* Offer valid until 10/03/2019 on all Mont Blanc beers except the limited edition "Barrel-aged".