Beer & Cider Festivals: 2023

We are looking forward (we are just so excited!) to a new year of beer events & festivals. A lot has been missed in the last few years so many events are going all out to get beer-lovers like you to attend! Here is a comprehensive list of all the major events happening in the Netherlands, or close by, in 2023.

What is a beer festival? 

You might be thinking...most festivals or events serve beer, so what makes a festival a beer festival? Striclu speaking, a beer festival is any event at which you purchase a ticket to drink a variety of beers. So this includes anything from a general beer festival which allows any brewery to be there to very strict craft-only events; which makes it hard to pick just one or two to attend. 

So here are our tips to a what makes a good festival (and why you should go): 

  • New beers are often introduced at festivals - so if your favourite brewery is attending, chances are they are bringing something magical with them that you haven't seen before!
  • Good festivals will have a wide range of breweries, not just beer taps! Smaller breweries often attend festivals to get the attention of those passionate about their beer, as it is much easier than doing a massive marketing campaign. So if you are looking to broaden your horizons, beer festivals will help you find what you are looking for!
  • You might get to meet (and learn from) your heroes! Many of these festivals offer masterclasses with master brewers - do your research as festivals publish this list in advance so you can make the most of the opportunity!

Beer Festivals in the Netherlands

If you call the Netherlands home, like many of us Wulfies, here are the festivals in your area: 

BT's Czech Pivo Fest

9th April | Butcher's Tears

Czech beers are masterful, but often not available for purchase all that easily. So - if sitting in the springtime sun with friends and sampling new beers sounds amazing - then check out this day festival at this brewery. With over a dozen different czech breweries for you to be tempted by, why not stop by?

TAPT Festivals

Various events between 6th May - 17th September

Wherever you are in the Netherlands, there will be a TAPT near you. These festivals include partnerships with well-known breweries, so there will be something for everyone along with live music and sumptuous food for you to enjoy! Have a look and see if you will be able to make it this year (considering they have 10 events spread over the summer, you should)!

Bronckhorster Craft Beer Festival 2022

25-26th June | Bronckhorster Brewing Company

This festival, which takes place in at a remote brewery, describes itself as the 'Valhalla' for beer-lovers as you can sample dozens of brews straight from the creators themselves. With beanbags galore, what more could one ask for?

Bier en Big - End of Winter

26th March | Eindhoven

This one is a Beer & Food festival. which of course is a great combo, so you can expect more than 25 breweries represented along with the perfect food pairings to enjoy them with. So if you want to enjoy your new beer finds with your dinner, check them out!

Bierfestival Groningen

23rd April | Groningen

It will be the 10th edition this year, so you can expect great things from this event in the north of the Netherlands. Often loved for the stunning locations, this festival has everything from new beers to masterclasses - as well as a special beer glass included in the ticket price! 


24- 25th June | Tilburg

Do you love animals? Complete with a beer sommelier, live music, tasty snacks - you will get to sample dozens of different brews through the walking, bus and boat safari. One euro from each ticket purchase will go to the Giraffe Conservation Foundation. So come and toast, taste, enjoy and discover the wild animals in the meantime.  

Beer Festivals in Belgium

If you are willing to make the trip, there are many beer festivals that are only a small jump away from the Netherlands - so why not combine a city break with these festive events!

Bruges Beer Festival

9th - 10th April | Bruges Meeting & Convention Centre

Around 80 breweries take part in this festival each year - there are over 400 beers available for you to taste, including many that have been brewed for the first time this year! If you are looking for something to brag home about, come sample some newbies in the stunning city of Bruges!

The Zythos Beer Festival 2022

23-24th April | Brabanthal, Leuven

The idea for organizing this festival is to introduce visitors to the delights of approximately 700 Belgian breweries and beer companies. ZBF is one of  the largest beer festivals in the world exclusively devoted to Belgian beer - so if Belgian beers are your favourite (who can blame you, they are delicious!) then make a trip to Leuven this spring.