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Spring pack tasting

Celebrate the start of Spring!With beers from our Spring Pack

Every season has its charm, but spring is my favourite! Over time, the weather changes, colours return, and the sun shines even brighter. It’s a time for refreshment and rejuvenation. And what better way to celebrate the start of this season than with some accessible and refreshing beers? All the best things about springtime are reflected in our Spring Pack: all the beers fit perfectly with this season.

An even bigger fan of spring is the brewer. Brewers celebrate spring by brewing beers dedicated to the season. And while spring beer is not a beer style, brewers nowadays love to go wild with seasonal beers. Which is why there’s a lot to discover this spring!

Let’s take a closer look at the beers in our spring pack...

Lente pack

16 lentebieren om in de zon van te genieten

Daar is de lente, daar is de zon! Dat vraagt om een fris pack vol heerlijke nieuwe bieren. We hebben deze 16 lentetoppers speciaal voor jou geselecteerd om de eerste zonnestralen te verwelkomen. Proost!

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Hop into spring

I love spending time outdoors in early spring. The sun isn't that strong yet and it's actually a little too cold to sit outside, but you can still put on your coat and enjoy the fresh air with a good glass of beer!

Before dinner, in the early evening, I prefer a hoppy beer. That’s when it tastes best. Noordt Lentebier for example, is fresh and fruity - the balance in sweet and bitter makes it a pleasantly drinkable beer.

Comparable, but with a little more hop flavours, is VandeStreek Zonnesteek. It’s a bit more bitter but the caramel tones bring that nicely into balance.

Kees Spring Blossom symbolises spring very well. The added blossom gives this beer a real floral character. The chosen hop varieties add a little extra to this and also ensure a good bitter finish.

Brews Springsteen from Rock City Brewing is probably the most hoppy, with very fruity hop aromas. This is a hazy and juicy beer that truly tastes of spring sunshine.

Take to the outdoors

Spring is also about getting active after the winter hibernation. A brisk spring walk or bike ride is part of that, as is relaxing in the garden or on the balcony afterwards.

The best beer for that is a Spring Bock, the Dutch interpretation of the German Maibock, which is the same as Helles Bock, or a light coloured bock.

Hoop Spring Spring Bock is a great beer to try - it is simplicity and perfection in one. The 6 types of barley malt create a rich and complex profile, the 3 German hops give herby and floral notes and a fine bitter finish. The lager yeast gives the traditional, solid character, which completes the picture.

Budels Springbock is similar: it’s also a bottom-fermented, classic and somewhat sweeter beer. Brand Springbock is top-fermented. That's less traditional, but it gives it more fruity flavours.

Jopen Spring beer is not a bock, but it does taste great after spring activities. The American hops make it fruity, as does the ale yeast. A small amount of coriander seeds have also been added, which have a subtle taste perfect for spring.

As the temperature rises: the first BBQ

When the days get longer and warmer, it’s time to grill some meat! Get your barbecue ready, cool your beers and get barbecuing outside.

La Chouffe Soleil, a lighter version of the famous La Chouffe Blonde, is a very suitable aperitif. The sparkling character makes it refreshing and the fruity and herby flavours shake your palette beautifully.

Bird Nog Eendje will taste good with spiced chicken. The fruity flavours from the beer will complement the herby flavours nicely and the reasonably dry finish will keep it refreshing.

With a hamburger I would recommend Les 3 Croquants La Rousse du Printemps from France. The lightly caramelised flavours from the beer support the roasted flavours from the meat, which actually always works well.

If you have a good greasy slice of meat, try Choulette de Printemps. This is a Bière de Garde, a French beer style related to the Belgian Saison. The sparkling fizz of the beer will cut through the fat, while the soft bitter makes it a friendly beer to accompany your meal.

When the sun is really shining...

When the sun really gets warm it's time for tasty, fresh and light-footed beers. White and session beers are perfect for this time as they’re low in alcohol yet full of flavour.

If you’re looking for something fruity, tasty, hoppy and low in alcohol? Then you need a Session IPA - at 't Uiltje they brewed a beautiful spring version with a small hint of coriander named Uilskuikentje (translates to ‘baby owl’). Just label makes this a popular beer, which has aromas of citrus and tropical fruit. With only 2.9% alcohol, it's the perfect beer for a hot spring day!

Seven Bro7hers Watermelon Wheat is up next for a warmer day, and what could be more apt than a white beer brewed with watermelon? The hops add an even more fruity aroma, while the sweet taste provides more than enough body and accessibility.

Session Ale is a brand new beer from the Scottish brewer Bellfield and delivers what it promises: hoppy, fruity, not dominant, but tasty.

Another brand new beer in the Spring Pack is the Palm Session IPA. This Belgian brewery doesn't just release a new beer whenever they feel like it - the last time was 8 years ago. Their new Session IPA is as you would expect from Palm: accessible and mild, but also with a fruity aroma of tropical fruits and peach. It’s tasty and has only 3.5% alcohol.

Beerwulf Spring beer pack

Spring weather can be unpredictable, so we’ve filled our Spring Pack in such a way that you have the perfect beer for any type of day. Whether it’s hot outside or the sun is only just peaking through dark clouds: there is a beer in there ready to suit every moment.

Lente pack

16 lentebieren om in de zon van te genieten

Daar is de lente, daar is de zon! Dat vraagt om een fris pack vol heerlijke nieuwe bieren. We hebben deze 16 lentetoppers speciaal voor jou geselecteerd om de eerste zonnestralen te verwelkomen. Proost!

€ 35,90 € 26,92
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