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Sinterklaas pack

Sinterklaas packIncludes poem service

Sinterklaas has a tough job these days when it comes to picking out the perfect gift for beer lovers. There are so many great beers and so many talented brewers!

To make it easier for our Wulf friends, we have put together a great pack of 12 beers, guaranteed to make yours the best tasting of the season.

Advent pack

Trial pack

Trial pack | 12 beers

2018 is here... In celebration of this new beginning, Beerwulf has created a pack with some great beers for you to try. 12 different beer styles that are perfect on a cold winter's eve. Cheers!

The pack contains 12 different beer styles, including a few naughty surprises. For example, beer lovers will be blown away by Emelisse’s Espresso Stout. They’ll soon discover that espresso and stout make for a heavenly combination.

How about a beer tasting? 

Trying new beer is fun, tasting them even funnier. Share six beers with one or two friends and sip on some water in between to cleanse your palette.


  1. Start off with Budels Honing. It’s a bottom-fermented beer brewed with honey (as the name suggests). It makes a sweet and more sophisticated alternative to festive treats!
  2. Then try the Noordtsingel by Brouwerij Noordt in Rotterdam. We at Beerwulf love it, because it is low in alcohol but high in flavour.
  3. It’s always a good moment to celebrate eternal youth. That's why we’re tasting Lellebel, a blond beer by De Eeuwige Jeugd (Eternal Youth).
  4. Lowlander beers are inspired by the many maritime journeys Dutch sailors made in centuries gone by and the herbs and spices they brought back with them. This is the time of the year to make travelling resolutions, so start sipping the Lowlander IPA, brewed with a pinch of coriander and white tea.
  5. It ain't a tasting without a Trappist beer. Achel Bruin is brewed by the monks of the St. Benedictus Abbey. This dark-brown beer is fruity and spicy with a full, sweet body.
  6. Close the session with Zuster Agatha by Muifel Brewery. It’s a typical quadruple: sweet with notes of dried fruit. With 10% alcohol, it’s the perfect way to end your beery discovery. 

Beerwulf poem service

A Sinterklaas poem about beer? That’s an easy one for us! Don’t forget to fill in the blanks and remove the parts that are not applicable:


What should the Saint give ... this year?
I know, I’ve got it, the answer is beer.
But what beer does he/she want, my friend?
The Lowlander is a rather delicious blend.
The Saint went to Rotterdam to grab a beer from Noordt,
To take it to ... by steamboat from the Europoort.
Sinterklaas went to Belgium to pick up a prior,
But perhaps a devil is what you desire.
Achel and Budel are on the Dutch-Belgian border,
No water for his boat, so a horse ride was in order.
A tasty Tripel is sure to delight,
The ‘t IJ Zatte should be more than alright.
I know that you are/are not a coffee lover,
And/But Emelisse’s Stout is a great one to discover.
Though the … is your favourite critter/Though you don’t have a favourite critter,
Bird’s Rumoerige Roodborst will have you all atwitter.
Piet tells me you brew/don’t brew your own beer,
So/Nevertheless Brand Porter will bring you oodles of cheer.
Though you are only ... years old,
We all want Lellebel’s eternal youth, truth be told.
Muifel’s Zuster is not your average nun,
Remember to savour and, most of all, have fun!
Cheers from Sinterklaas and Piet.

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