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Planet Oedipus Festival Review by Beerwulf

Review: Planet Oedipus2-day beer festival in Amsterdam

Last weekend, Oedipus had a party: Planet Oedipus. We told you we were excited about this one in an earlier post and we of course visited it. It’s a new festival that was born out of a merger between the Oedipus International Beer Festival and the local Kimchi festival, both of which were held last year. It promised good music; delicious, local food; and an impressive line-up of beer brewers. The beer was excellent and the atmosphere was laid back. Welcome to Planet Oedipus!

Bernadette, Rob and Mark are impressed by the number of brewers in attendance: “It’s great that there are so many here. From different countries too.” There were copious beers on offer. Rob was impressed with Tokyo by Brewdog: “They make really good beers. Tokyo is a real beast of a beer with 16% alcohol. Wow!” Mark is enjoying the relaxed atmosphere: “But, ultimately, I’m here for the beer and the variety is just amazing!” And the music? “I had to adjust to it in the beginning, but it’s actually pretty good,” says Bernadette.
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Elant Wijtman from Oedipus is a satisfied man. “The location is spot-on. There’s lots of greenery and it’s on the grass so it’s got a cool, festival vibe. Ghetto deluxe is what we were aiming for. How many people came for the music? There are still many visitors who are mostly here for the beer. That’s about 80% of the visitors. We’re really happy with the line-up of brewers. However, we wanted to have a mix of both worlds. In the last few hours of Saturday evening, the atmosphere really cranked up a notch. People were dancing, it was great.”

Michiel and Ashley from Beverwijk: “We primarily came here for the beer and we weren’t disappointed. There’s lots of amazing brewers here and the most awesome thing is being able to try one-off beers such as a barrel-aged Stout from De Molen.” What’s the best thing you’ve tried so far? Michiel: “Here comes the night by Põhjala. It’s a unique beer with rye, berries and smoked malt.” Ashley: “Black Blood by Bevog. It looks like blood!”


Planet Oedipus is a special journey through the beer scene: from Dupont’s Belgian classics to Oersoep’s experimental beers. From craft beer pioneers Anchor and Brewdog to Dutch superstars like Jopen, De Molen and Kees. And while you’re here, you might as well try the unique beers by the Slovenian-Austrian brewer Bevog and Põhjala from Estonia. Top to it all off, you can sample the colourful beers of the host, Oedipus!

Friends Reina, Kallista and Stefania from Amsterdam want to experience the whole package: “We love festivals with good food and a nice atmosphere and this one certainly has all of that. It’s nice and small, and not too slick.” They prefer bitter beers, like good IPAs: “We much prefer bitter beers to sweet ones and we like to try new things. It’s always tempting to plump for what you already know but, at a festival like this, we’re eager to try something new.”

Special brews

Almost every brewer brought a special, one-off brew with them. Oedipus fermented their Mannenliefde with extra Brettanomyces (a type of yeast, made famous by Orval). It gives an extra dimension to this already quite spicy beer. Or the Must Kuld by Põhjala, which has been brewed with special coffee from Colombia. It is a very successful re-imagining. The original already has beautiful coffee notes but this addition gave it a very strong coffee aroma too.

Colleagues Richard from Leeds and Marta from Turin are also mainly here for the beer. Richard: “I’ve lived in Amsterdam for more than four years and I’m a beer enthusiast so I’m already familiar with lots of Dutch brewers.” Marta: “Richard told me about this festival. I know quite a few Dutch brewers already so I was curious. I like the music in the background, it gives it a great atmosphere.”

Music and food

The music gave Planet Oedipus a unique vibe. The mix of DJs and live music added something extra to the festival, beyond the beer. It gave it a party and slightly hippy atmosphere. It was a great combination! There was also top-notch food available: gourmet hamburgers, fried chicken, toasted sandwiches made with beer bread, healthy soups, Korean kimchi and delicious ice cream. A great accompaniment to all that amazing beer!

Friends Robin, Ramon and Robin from Apeldoorn are part of a larger group of friends. “They’re all at the Oedipus brewery. Our designated driver Geert is picking them up.” They’re eager to try the IPAs and Stouts. “We’re not keen on sour beers but it's fun to try new things when you’re at a festival.” The guys are impressed by De Molen: “It’s a Stout that’s been aged in Bowmore whiskey barrels. Delicious,” says Robin. They like the atmosphere too: “It’s very Amsterdam, isn’t it? We love it!”
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