But what does ‘on tap’ mean? In its most simplified form, ‘on tap’ is synonymous with draught beer. Using kegs with a tap has three main principles. The first is sealing the beer from contamination with the outside environment, the second is allowing compressed gas in to force beer through the tube and thirdly allows smooth exit of the beer.

The whole draught system is designed to connect the keg to the tap, to ensure a quality poured beer whilst still making it taste great. It is a delicate balance of keg pressure, resistance imposed by tubing, and hardware such as faucets and couplers. Traditional draught systems also require a lot of maintenance!

However, the clever design of The SUB means draughting at home is a whole lot easier. With the sleek compact dispenser, not only can you tap beers at home any time you like, but you needn’t worry about pressure, C02 and hardware!

5 reasons why you should buy The SUB beer tap: 

  1.  Draught beer is better

It is widely accepted that draught beer is much better than bottled or canned. Some people go as far as to judge an establishment by the selection they have on draught.

The biggest issues to brewed beer are temperature, light and freshness. The feeling of savouring a fresh, well brewed beer is second to none. With The SUB you can maintain optimum drinking conditions and preserve your beer to its maximum quality, just like a commercial draught system. It chills to 2° (so you can drink it at 4°), reduces any light exposure and keeps the beer fresh for 15 days!

High quality, premium draught beer. You can’t argue with that.

  1. The pub experience at home!

It's like having a bar at your home, what’s more perfect than that? Invite your friends, show off a little and demonstrate how to tap pub quality pints, or if you prefer a chilled one, you can load The Sub with your favourite specialty beers and have the pub all to yourself. You don't even need that much space; The SUB has a small compact footprint and only weighs 4.5kg.

You can experience the 360° pub experience, transforming yourself into a barman, learning all the tricks of the trade and flaunting your new gadget.

  1.  Surprise your guests

It’s easy to say, 'come on, let's have a beer at home', an offer that’s hard to turn down. But imagine your guests’ faces when, they come to your place and see you’re the bartender and you have a pub quality home draught system. It’s fun and really adds to the experience. Beer is good in every situation, but a pub like experience is even better!

  1. Go on, treat yourself

We are constantly juggling many everyday things; work, friends, family and other various commitments. But sometimes you need to just sit down, take a breath and, above all, relax with a good beer in hand. You don't even need to go out to appreciate this moment, now you can do it from the comfort of your own home with The SUB.  Not only that, but the tasteful design and look of The SUB makes it a first-class experience every time you use it. Enjoy your beer at your own pace in your own home, you deserve it!

  1. Be ahead of the curve

For early adopters and those interested in staying up to date with the latest trends, The SUB is the gadget of the moment! Once you have a go with The SUB it’s hard not to fall in love. We guarantee that your friends and family will want one too once they’ve had a chance to play with your new toy. 

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