Celebrate at home with The SUB

What will you do for New Year? It's the dreaded question that comes to haunt us every year. The fundamentals are, commemorating the year just passed and celebrating the arrival of the new, right? So what’s so difficult? There are always lots of ideas and proposals, none of which usually come to fruition, oh and huge expectations!

Forget the crowds, sticky floors, over-priced drinks, unnecessary entry fees and queues for the toilets. Host a party at home and turn your kitchen into a private bar with The SUB. You hardly need an excuse for a home beer tap but what better occasion than New Year to get a functioning home bar in your kitchen! There are different models and colours of The SUB, so you can choose the one that best reflects your tastes and your home. They are easy to use, do not require much maintenance and, thanks to the wide range of 2 liter kegs, you can enjoy every beer style on tap. There is a wide selection of popular beers and also more crafty ones that will surprise you with different characteristics, flavours and aromas.

3 reasons to celebrate at home:

1- Comfort and customisation 

Staying in means you don’t have to contend with public transport; tubes, buses and trains. Organising a cab will be a nightmare and cost a small fortune over New Year. The convenience of partying it at home also means you have everything you could possibly need, in a familiar and cosy environment. Also, not to be underestimated, the option of choosing the type of party! There’s nothing worse than spending lots of money and ending up in a noisy, stuffy club, teeming with drunken revelers, when all you really wanted was people round for dinner and some nice beers to welcome in the New Year. 

2- You choose your tipple

Beer is the perfect drink to celebrate the beginning of the new year with. When you bring in the New Year at home you can stock up on the booze you know you like and be sure to drink your favourite brews. You may well be stuffed to the brim with festive food by NYE but there’s always room for canapes, right?!

If you wish to kick things off with some aperitifs, beers can be great for this. Load your SUB with something not too heavy or sweet, like Affligem Blond. This matches very well with pork, we suggest some pork belly skewers, cocktail sausages or even try a mild goat’s cheese. Pork and cheese are rich with soft creamy textures, they pair well by melting into Affligem Blond’s carbonation.

If you’re more of a hophead and plan to load up with IPAs, we have Gandolf IPA Something spicy and fragrant like Thai chicken skewers will match well with this. Chicken satay, beef sliders, wings and blue cheese or some veggie tacos with lots of coriander and zingy lime will also be mind-blowing. A key thing to remember with IPA, is to match it’s punchiness with the strength of food. You don’t want one to overpower the other.

If grabbing a bunch of cheesy pizzas and some beers to celebrate this year sounds more you, then you’ll want a light, hoppy Pale Ale. The saltiness from the cheese will balance the bitterness, which in turn will make the beer fruitier.  The sweet tomato will lift the beer to a higher level and the fruitiniess will compliment and enhance the whole experience. Try Two Chefs Brewing Funky Falcon and Wild Beer Co Pogo for aromatic, tropical flavours that will create a taste sensation and cleanse the palate.

We also have a range of 2L kegs with lower ABV beer. Brand Session IPA, Krusovice Royal Dark and Gösser Radler lower alcohol kegs are great for long drinking sessions and partying through the night.

3- The private bar at home 

You have the opportunity to transform your home into a real bar. And, its open 24/7. No waiting in line for a drink, no curfew. Your bar, your rules. It’s cheaper than renting out a space in a public place too! Surround yourself with friends, relatives and people you love for the special moment when you count down to 2020.

Now you have the perfect answer to the infamous question: what will you do you for New Year? In fact, you don't just have "an answer" but, better yet, an original idea for a cracking party. The perfect way to welcome the arrival of the new year. Toast to this and don't forget the list of your New Year’s resolutions!

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