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The SUB Compact Black

Compatible with 2 litre SUB Kegs

€ 99,00

The SUB Classic Black


Compatible with 2 litre SUB Kegs

€ 169,00 € 119,00
Temporarily sold out

Krusovice Royal Dark - 2L SUB Keg

Lager | 3,8% | 2 Litres

€ 7,99

La Cristal IPA du Mont Blanc - 2L SUB Keg

IPA | 4,7% | 2 Litres

€ 16,99

Celebrate at home with The SUB

What will you do for New Year? It's the dreaded question that comes to haunt us every year. The fundamentals are, commemorating the year just passed and celebrating the arrival of the new, right? So what’s so difficult? There are always lots of ideas and proposals, none of which usually come to fruition, oh and huge expectations!

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