London beer gardens

When you're walking aimlessly around London you catch sight of fantastic looking pubs and gardens but the moment you are looking to stop for a pint they disappear. Sound familiar? It feels like on a hot summer’s day when you fancy a beer most is when you end up trekking for miles, praying you will stumble across a gem. We’ve all been there and there is nothing more frustrating. This is even more crushing because London is awash with great boozers and beer gardens. You wouldn’t want to waste the opportunity and settle for something substandard, and to be honest, we wouldn't want that either.

London’s best beer gardens

Searching for London’s best beer gardens? We are here to help! We have a roundup of the best beer gardens, terraces and outdoor spaces the capital has to offer. We also want to highlight relevant beers and breweries, either from that pub, from London or just ones we think you will enjoy. 

Let's talk about corona ...

Now that pubs and bars are cautiously reopening and are welcoming guests, we want to share some of the best London has to offer. Especially after recent turmoil, we want to give them all the kudos and attention they deserve. It may not be the carefree, close-knit revelry we were used to, but pub gardens will always have a special place in our heart. We urge you to go and visit, however, play safe and adhere to all regulations. Inquire about their safety measures if you are concerned.

Additionally if you are not ready to visit pubs, thats also great. With The SUB home beer tap you can bring the pub to you. Now you can enjoy pub quality pints from the comfort of your own home or garden. 

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East London beer gardens

People's Park Tavern

Nestled in the heart of Hackney, The People’s Park Tavern is described as a “true Hackney pub”. With a huge beer garden that extends right up to the fringes of Victoria Park, this is without doubt one of the best gardens in East London. At Beerwulf we are particularly interested in their onsite microbrewery and the plethora of beers they serve. Rumour has it there are over 70. They have been known to host great BBQs, pop up cocktail bars and DJ nights. Given the current situation this has been put on hold, but you can still expect fantastic beers, two for one burgers and a sun soaked, tree lined terrace. What more could you want?

Pub on the Park

Situated on the edge of London Fields, with idyllic park vistas, this is one of the best pubs in London. Period. Shielded from the hustle and bustle of Hackney, Pub on the Park has that village pub feel with a late-night fun edge. With its characteristic fairy lights, large decking, benches and awnings, this outdoor space is nothing short of perfect. Whether you’ve come for a pint of local Five Points beer, to have one of their famous burgers or to watch the football, we guarantee you will end up staying much longer than anticipated!

Pub on the park.jpg

North London beer gardens 

The White Hart - Stoke Newington 

It doesn’t look like much from the outside, but The White Hart in Stoke Newington is an unsung hero of the pub scene. This secret garden drinking spot is perfect for summer beers, sports and good pub grub. A sun field garden that is both, shielded from the flurry of north London traffic and vibey with a pleasant babble of pub chats. We know you’re here for the gardens, but we also wanted to shout about the great bar, televisions and roaring fires inside as well. Great summer spot but equally as good in the winter, the true sign of a good pub!

Faltering Fallback - Finsbury Park

Down a hidden backstreet, The Faltering Fallback is clever city space-saving at its finest. A magical network of stairs and corners or rather, a ramshackle maze of balconies, nooks and crannies. However, you describe it, it is a sight to behold. And, when the temperature drops heaters and canopies cover the garden well for late night merrymaking amongst the many-tiered treehouse. This buzzing boozer also serves pretty decent Thai food. Everything from stir fries to curries. Wash this down with a few pints of the classics like Heineken, Amstel, Leffe and Affligem.

The Albion - Islington

This Georgian gem is one of London’s prettiest gardens, an oasis of English charm. With wisteria laced trellises, beautiful winding trees, big tables and an outdoor bar, the garden of The Albion, is an Instagrammers paradise. They have a great menu ranging from sharing platters to bar snacks and a wide selection of draught beers, real ales, ciders and wine. If you’re in the area, it’s a must.

The albion.jpg

West London beer gardens

The White Horse - Parson's Green 

This iconic pub is the perfect harmony of two styles, cozy pub character with Victorian elegance and polish. The “Sloaney pony” as it was once known has won UK’s best watering holes on more than one occasion and for very good reason. Alongside the classic pub fare, fish and chips, pie and burgers, it boasts an unusually large range of bottled beers. Not only that but they have lots of crafty beers on tap, Camden, Brooklyn and Moor to name just a few and an unrivalled selection of traditional keg ales. Make a note of this one, it has a fabulous beer garden for alfresco lunches, all day Saturday sessions in the sun and lazy Sunday roasts.

The white horse.jpg

South London beer gardens 

The County Arms - Wandsworth

The County Arms is a friendly but traditional Victorian style pub with a contemporary make over. The warm and cozy interior with its ornate mirrors, large open fires, armchairs and leather sofas is perfect for a glass of red in the winter. Although the better than most gastropub food is high on the lure-in list, what really pulls in the punters is the expansive refurbished beer garden. The garden is littered with spaciously arranged tables, little huts and white umbrellas that are delineated by flower boxes of lavender, hanging vines, decking and well-groomed grass. On sunny days they fire up a barbecue too! For added beery bonus they have a load of ales on draught, rotating guest hand pulls and lots of craft beer cans like Beavertown and Yeastie Boys.

The Crown and Greyhound - Dulwich 

The Crown and Greyhound is all about the booze. Serving good quality, interesting, properly poured drinks is at the heart of what they do. Big brownie points from us. They are proud to shout about their wide range of cask ales, crafty brews (Delirium, Magic Rock) and limited-edition beers on tap (Fourpure, Lagunitas and Beavertown). Their annual Craft Beer Residency celebrates seasonal beers from talented craft breweries. The Six Nation’s saw representation from each of the “Home Nation’s” with Brewdog, Porterhouse, Tiny Rebel and Thornbridge on tap. They also have a long wine list, big cider names (Old Mout and Hawkes) and a great range of alcohol free (including Big Drop). Let’s not forget the charming outdoor space. Its leafy and green with sprawling trees and a gorgeous barbecue area for summer evenings and Sunday lunches. The delightfully laidback vibes are a welcomed hideout from urbanity outside its whitewashed walls.


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