Looking to buy draught beer kegs for your home or event? Or are you stocking up for your SUB? Whether it’s home draught, standalone kegs or a specific style, size or brand, whatever the occasion, we’ve got your needs covered. Our beer kegs represent some of the most popular breweries worldwide. We procure from some of the best, expert brewers, so we can offer our customers the opportunity to drink delicious, specialist beer.

We also hope to cover all your questions on what a keg is, how much a keg of beer costs, the rise in beer keg sales and which sized keg is best for which occasion. If you’re interested in buying beer kegs for your home, we go into detail about the beer kegs we have for sale.

Let's take a look at the kegs we have on offer at Beerwulf first, because that's what you're really here for right!?

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Starting from £25.99

Blond Beer | 6,7% | 5 Litres

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€ 24,99

Blond Beer | 5,8% | 5 Litres

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€ 21,49

Draught Kegs

First up, we have the Draught Kegs, 5L barrels of beer. These are great because there is no appliance needed, they do not require a beer tap, they are a self-sufficient product. These are coming into particuarly good use right now, when you can't get to the pub and aren't lucky enough to own a SUB. This is the best solution for tapping fresh beer!

Buy beer kegs for home

These smartly designed aluminium kegs are the best solution for enjoying at home and beer-on-the-go. Stock up on these for the home and save yourself making repeat orders! A Draught Keg will yield almost 20 half beers, grab one or two of these so when you fancy a beer on your patio you always have a supply. 

Mini kegs

These portable, stand-alone "mini" kegs are also popular gifts. Who wouldn't want 5 litres of their favourite beer delivered straight to their door!? They also go down very well at parties and get togethers. Loved for their space-saving qualities, they are as much about practicality as they delicious.  Throw one in the car boot for a camping trip, take one along to a dinner party to save carrying loose bottles, or even get one in to watch the football at home with lots of friends.

Beer kegs for parties

Our 5L Draught Kegs are the best for parties. They are easy to carry and transport. These space-savers can fit easily in your fridge or countertop. You also don’t need an appliance, just tap straight from the vessel.

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Starting from £8.49

Lager | 4,6% | 2 Litres

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€ 10,79 € 9,71

Lager | 5,0% | 2 Litres

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€ 9,99

Blond Beer | 6,7% | 2 Litres

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€ 11,29 € 10,16

Lager | 5,2% | 2 Litres

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€ 10,49 € 8,39

BLADE Kegs at Beerwulf

Starting from £ 21.99
Limited release

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€ 136,46 € 115,99

Lager | 4,7% | 8 Litres

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€ 32,49

Lager | 5,0% | 8 Litres

Sold By Beerwulf

€ 31,49

Lager | 5,2% | 8 Litres

Sold By Beerwulf

€ 31,49


Beerwulf also offer 8 litre capacity kegs and compatible draughting appliances for the home and beyond. BLADE lets you tap quality poured pints from any surface or countertop. Although conventionally a professional appliance, whether you’re a small business, upgrading your home bar, hosting an event or wanting to jazz up Friday night office drinks BLADE fits the bill. Like, The SUB, BLADE is incredibly easy to set up. There is no maintenance or installation cost, the innovative system and carbonated kegs do not require C02 or additional hardware!

The size of the kegs are in fact well matched for commercial and domestic use as they do not take up too much space and are ergonomically designed. They do not resemble traditional kegs but instead are attractive and sleek to mirror the design of the machine. These beer taps and BLADE Kegs are the best solution for larger spaces and events with high footfall; weddings, Christmas drinks and garden parties, you know name it! A BLADE Keg will yield 30 half beers!