'Tis the season for Trick and Treating! We all might be a bit too old to go sweet hunting in costume, but there is another way to celebrate the spooky holiday - with the perfect beer pairing. So whether you'll be tucking into a KitKat or enjoying a pumpkin risotto after carving, you are in for a treat (we promise).

Here's how to pair your sweet treats

For the grown-up sweet tooth


This is a great favourite in many goodie bags, so when you are thinking about enjoying some chocolate this festive season. Here is a nifty trick that'll help you bring out the best of whatever chocolate you have to hand; the darker the beer, the richer your chocolate needs to be to balance the flavours. 

So if you love a Milky bar, pick a white beer as they will complement each other well. Whereas if you are pouring yourself a Dubbel, dark chocolate with fruit elements will be a match made in heaven.


Pairing your beer with some of the season's favourite sweets may seem challenging, because there is little to compare in terms of flavour. Well, there is an easy solution - find something that'll cut through the sweetness! For example, a crisp apple cider like Orchard Thieves would be a great way to complement a fruity sweet as, while a similar flavour, they balance the sweet and the sour.

If you are enjoying a non-fruity sweet, like a marshmallow, how about a sweet lager? The refreshing yet sweet notes of Austrian lagers are ideal for pairing with any sweet treat, and are one of our most popular beers on home draught - so those who are just looking for a great pint at your festive get-together, this selection is for you!


Whether you are roasting, stewing or frying your leftover pumpkin, there are many ways you can enjoy this delicious vegetable. But what beer should you pair with your dinner?

Our recommendation is dependent on how you are serving your pumpkin - so for a risotto, make sure to grab a herby IPA which will compliment the softer, herby notes of this autumnal recipe. But if you are making a soup, you are going to need something equally as light, like a crisp lager, to ensure the soup isn't overpowered.

If you are making a pumpkin pie, how about trying a rich beer to match the malty flavours? Dubbels, Tripels, Stouts or even a Bock all have a sweet caramel element so any of these will be perfect for your pie.

So whether you are having the friends round, or just enjoying a chilled pint with your pumpkin pie, you are now all sorted for the Halloween season! Enjoy 🎃!