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5 DIY Christmas gifts made with beerCreative gift ideas for beer lovers

DIY Christmas gifts are always fun to make and equally fun to receive, but if you’ve started on your Christmas gifts already, you might be realising it’s not always easy to come up with personal ideas that suit everyone...

But no fear: when it comes to the beer lover in your life, we’re here to help! Prepare to get crafty, creative and original with our top 5 wacky and wonderful DIY Christmas gifts - all made with beer, of course.

#1 Set up a beer tasting experience

Do you know someone who likes sampling beers from all over the world? How about beers brewed diligently by Trappist monks? Give them a gift they’ll talk about forever: organise an exciting surprise with a special themed beer delivery!

Inside our pre-made packs you can choose from either 12 or 16 craft beers to get delivered to your doorstep (or the doorstep of the recipient, of course). Delivery is free and you can add your own personal message. Plus, for the full beer tasting experience, you can download our tasting sheet here for free. Simply forward the tasting sheet or print it to give to your recipient along with their beers.

Weihnachtsgeschenk mit Bier: Bierbox

A quick tip: this tasting sheet was created especially for our Christmas pack. Print page 1 once (and add your own message) and page 2 as often as you like (= 2 beers each for tasting). If you choose another pack, just print page 2 as often as you like.

Perfect packs for a beer tasting



#2 The “It’s Five O’clock Somewhere” DIY Beer Bottle Clock

This is something that belongs in every beer lover’s home! The best part about this Christmas gift is that can be made as personal as you like. All you need is a simple clock mechanism (plus any batteries), a wooden plate and 12 emptied beer bottles - perhaps twelve of the lucky recipient’s favourite beers? Get inspired over in the Beerwulf shop.

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How to do it: drill a large hole in the middle of your wooden plate and fasten the clock mechanism there. Then, take your 12 bottles and arrange them suitably to mark the numbers around the clock (note: pay attention to the clock hands to make sure there’s enough space) and fasten them down with strong superglue. Attach a bit of wire to allow the clock to be hung up and your gift is finished!

#3 Bottle Cap Fridge Magnets

Help your favourite beer-lover brighten up their kitchen by sticking photos or beer festival flyers to the fridge with bottle cap magnets! You don’t need to shop for these - they’re easy enough to make at home.

Kronkorken Magnete als Weihnachtsgeschenk

How to make them: all you really need is a bunch of small magnets that you can glue inside your bottle caps with a strong glue - it’s as easy as that! The more colorful the bottle cap, the better they’ll look, so pick your selection carefully.

#4 Say it with beer: a personalised Beerwulf pack

Anyone who loves beer will be sure to love a Beerwulf pack! If you want to make your pack even more personal, why not select 16 beers you think they’ll love and hang a little note on each bottle?

Bierbox Weihnachtsgeschenk füllen  Bierbox als Geschenk übergeben

Your pack could include...
... the first beer you drank together
... a beer that reminds you of them
... a beer with holiday memories
... a beer from their hometown (browse all UK beers here) (or browse all our Dutch beers)
… beers that are organic or vegan
… a beer with a name that sums up your friendship (The Mentor from Kompaan? Brewdog’s Five AM Saint? Brothers in Law’s Pale Ale? The possibilities are endless)

Get inspired by the many options in our shop. For every full box of 16 beers, the shipping is free!

#5 Beer cookies

Sure, drinking beer is great, but what about cooking with it? For a real DIY gift, try baking up some deliciously beery cookies. The recipe is simple:

Ingredients (makes 30 cookies):


1. Preheat your oven to 180°C.

2. Melt the butter then allow it to cool slightly before mixing with the brown sugar. Add the egg yolks and stir until well mixed.

3. Pour in the beer and then sieve the flour before adding. Also add in the baking powder and salt. Once that’s done, put the dough in the fridge for 10-15 minutes.

4. Roll the dough into balls, then place them on the baking sheet lined with baking paper and put the cookies in the oven for about 20 minutes.

Once they’re done, take the beer cookies out to cool. To present these as a Christmas gift, simply put them in a transparent cookie bag tied at the top with a piece of ribbon. Tada!

beer cookies

Time to get creative!

Whether it’s a tasting of a Beerwulf pack, a clock or beer cookies, you’re sure to impress with one of these crafty ideas!

Or, for the least complicated solution, send one of our beer packs directly to the door of the recipient. Delivery is free of charge on a day of your choice and you can include a personal message. We wish you a happy Christmas and a fun gift-giving season!

Perfect packs for a beer tasting



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