Beermosa Easter Beer at Beerwulf

The Beermosa cocktailA beery version of a mimosa

Are you planning a family Easter brunch? Or are you looking for an easy (orange) pre-drink for Kingsday? Try our new favourite brunch drink: the Beermosa. Instead of using champagne, we tried a couple of beers with some fresh OJ and we loved it.

The Beermosa recipe

A Beermosa or BOJ (Beer Orange Juice) is really easy to make. A mimosa is usually half juice, half champagne. For a nice BOJ you should go for 1/3rd juice, 2/3rd beer, because we want to taste the beer of course! We tried a Beermosa with three different beer styles.

Beermosa Beerwulf

The Beermosa test

We did the test with an IPA, a Weizen and a witbier. We chose three distinctive beers from these styles to mix with orange juice.

After extensive research it turned out that Punk IPA from BrewDog tastes great in a BOJ. Punk IPA is brewed with the hop varieties Chinook, Simcoe, Ahtanum and Nelson Sauvin. This gives aromas of tropical fruit, which matches naturally with orange juice. This results in a tropical-looking Beermosa. It is also a fairly bitter beer, as you would expect from an IPA. This gives this BOJ a grapefruit-like kick, which will wake you up during the brunch!

Are you a fan of bananas for breakfast? Make your BOJ with Weihenstephaner Vitus, a blond weizenbock from the oldest brewery in the world. This is actually a weizen-on-steroids: thicker, heavier (7.7%) and more powerful in taste compared to the standard weizen. That means more flavours of banana and cloves. Especially the typical banana aromas mix beautifully with orange juice. A Weizen is very mildly bitter, so is this Beermosa.

Witte Trappist from La Trappe is the only white Trappist beer in the world and is brewed without coriander or citrus peel. Normally, these ingredients are characterising this beer style. The result is a white beer that is similar to a Weizen. A refreshing beer that has the same effect as the Vitus in Beermosa, but a little milder. It really fits the occasion, serving an authentic Trappist beer for Easter brunch!

Beermosa Beerwulf

Tips for Easter Brunch

A Beermosa is not only tasty, it also looks great on your Easter table. For an extra nice result, use these tips!

  • Don't pour your beer at the angle you are used to, try to add some extra foam.
  • For a white head, use orange juice without pulp. The pulp doesn't go very well with the head and gives it a messy appearance.
  • We used a TeKu glass, so the aromas of the beer are best expressed.

Try it yourself, the Beermosa is the ultimate brunch cocktail for Easter or for Kingsday in the Netherlands. But also perfect for breakfast in bed, for example for Father's Day or Mother's Day! Pick a beer from our article or experiment with the beers from the Spring pack, for example.

Perfect beers for a Beermosa