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grown up Sinterklass gifts

A grown-up take on Sinterklaas giftsAn adult Sinterklaas surprise!

It's almost that time of the year again, 5th December. Sinterklaas! Do you want to celebrate Sinterklaas with your Dutch and non-Dutch friends? Dutchies tend to celebrate it with poems, gifts and surprises. Here are some fun beer gifts for an adult Sinterklaas celebration. Both the Specialty Case and a selection of  loose bottles or cans will put a smile on anyone's face!


16 Popular specialty beer pack

16 different popular and accessible beers to try!

These are the 16 beers of the moment! Discover our most popular and accessible specialty beers that will definitely appeal to you. This pack is perfect for any occasion and offers a wide range of different beers - ranging from a soft Blonde to an excellent Special Belge. Cheers!

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The Specialty Case offers a wide range of  beers - ranging from a soft Blond to an excellent Special Belge. So, order some beer for your friend, or even yourself to enjoy with kruidnoten, speculoos spiced biscuits, boarstplaat and chocolate! This pack is perfect for all occasions, especially celebrations!

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Beer is a great choice for Sinterklaas, it's complex and more layered than wine but generally lower in alcohol. Beer can almost be treated like champagne, it can have some fizz, acidity and that celebratory indulgence. It might also have that satisfying popping sound that's so synonymous with festivities. 

If you want to treat your friend to some festive beers, that really go well with classic Sinterklaas sweet treats, then we have the perfect suggestions for you.  Try Stouts and Porters for those rich, roasted, chocolatey flavours. Lowlander Poorter(6%) for example, is brewed with five different types of malt, liquorice and vanilla. This is the perfect beer to sit and sip whilst snacking on kruidnoten. Both the chocolate and non-chocolate type will work, but the variant with dark chocolate is the arguably the best! The Meantime Chocolate Porter (6.5%) contains real chocolate, and you can really taste it.  This Porter is subtle, with a pleasant combination of chocolate, mocha and coffee. Winterstout from Duits & Lauret (8.5%) has roasted notes of coffee and chocolate and with a roasted bitterness. Be aware, the kruidnoten with dark chocolate is the only candy that sustains this pronounced and powerful Stout. This is definitely for the grown-ups!

Or, match the spiced, caramel-y notes of Kruidnoten with a similar profile. Gember Goud is a Pale Ale (4.6%) with a pungent ginger aroma and a punchy, spicy taste. Additionally, because of the powerful ginger flavour, the beer holds itself up nicely with even the sugary most sweets like borstplaat.  Jopen Koyt (8.5%) is brewed with gruit, a medieval herbal blend. This gruit beer is a true all-rounder when pairing with Sinterklaas sweets, due to the notes of laurel, liquorice, bread, syrup and eucalyptus. In addition, the spiciness provides an even more intense taste. But the best match? Kruidnoten with milk chocolate!

We understand that these dark and powerful beers don't suit everyone, and that certainly doesn't mean those people can't enjoy Sinterklaas too! For the hopheads out there, why not try an IPA. These hoppy, bitter beers go great with salty, fatty foods. Perfect for palates that prefer borrel nootjes over kuitnoten. Or for something completely different opt for a Witbier, a great alternative to a Pilsner, tasty, fresh and thirst quenching.