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Bock beer

What is Bock beer?

If you don't know, then you need to Read more!

Apple cider

Apple Cider 

Available in 2L keg Read more!

German Beers

German beers

Everything you need to know Read more!

Oktoberfest 2019

Oktoberfest 2019

How much do you really know!? Read more!

How to pour a pint

How to pour a pint

Do you really know? Take the quiz!

5 reasons why you should buy the sub

Looking for excuses to buy The SUB?!

We can help you... Read more

Canned beer

Canned beer: yes or no

Is canned beer the new normal?! Read more

Beer and BBQ

Beer and BBQ

We challenge you to think of a better combination Read more

Enjoy with friends, at festivals or frolicking in the sun

Best summer beers 2019

Enjoy with friends, at festivals or frolicking in the sun Read more

As rated by our beer Sommelier. Have you tried them?

Top 10 IPAs

As rated by our beer Sommelier. Have you tried them? Read more

The beer category that's more popular than ever

Alcohol-free beer

The beer category that's more popular than ever Read more

Fruit Lambics, Krieks and kettle-sour beer


Fruit Lambics, Krieks and kettle-sour beer Read more

Father's Day personality test

Which Father's Day pack should you buy?

Take the Beerwulf personality test to find out! Read more

Father's Day beer gifts

7 things you should know about our Father's Day Pack

The best Father's Day gift money can buy Read more

Food & beer pairing

Foodies recipes with beer: BBQ

Three delicious BBQ recipes with matching beers, selected by beer sommelier Nathan Hak Read more

Beer King's day

Celebrate King's day with cans!

Enjoy a cold one during this Dutch national holiday Read more


The Beermosa cocktail

A beery version of a mimosa Read more

Enter Night Pilsner Stone & Metallica Beer

Enter Night: Metallica and Stone Brewing

The story behind the beer Read more

Spring beer pack

Celebrate the start of Spring!

With beers from our Spring Pack Read more

Beer myths

Beer myths debunked

There is still a lot of nonsense being told about beer.. Read more

Top 10 Belgian beers

Top 10 Belgian beers

A tiny country with a huge reputation in beer: try the best of Belgium! Read more

women and beer

How to dodge the "beersplainers"?

Melissa Cole takes the intimidation out of ordering craft beer Read more

Sustainable brewing

Sustainable brewing

How is social responsibility in the beer world? Read more

Sour beer

"I'm not bitter, I'm sour"

Melissa Cole, beer writer and sommelier, writes about sour beers. With a tingly oyster recipe Read more

Valentine beer gift

7 reasons why beer is a romantic Valentine's gift

Beers from our Valentine pack Read more

Beer festivals 2019

Craft beer festivals in the Netherlands 2019

Check out the festivals of 2019! Read more

NoLow alocholic beers

No & Low alcoholic beers

NoLow is here to stay Read more

Fresh IPA

Fresh IPA: why fresh?

"Fresh is so much better!" Find out why: Read more

Beer trends 2019

10 beer predictions for 2019

The ultimate overview of beer trends Read more

Oliebollen and beer

Dutch tradition: Oliebollen and beer

Oliebollen and beer pairings by Arvid Bergström Read more

Champagne beer

Champagne-like beers

Let's pop some beers instead of champagne! Read more

Christmas gifts

5 DIY Christmas gifts made with beer

Creative gift ideas for beer lovers  Read more

Christmas appetisers

Christmas drinks & appetisers

The most wonderful time for a beer! Read more

Christmas playlist

The Beerwulf Christmas playlist

Get ready to air guitar your way into 2019 Read more

Sinterklaas gifts

A grown-up take on Sinterklaas gifts

Because why not celebrate a children's holiday? Read more

Christmas beer

Upgrade your Christmas dinner with beer

From our Christmas pack Read more


Popular beer glasses

Which glass belongs to which beer? Read more

Schneider Weisse

Schneider Weisse, 150 years of traditions

Outstanding Weizen beers Read more

Best and tastiest bock beers

The best and tastiest Dutch bock beers of 2018

Is the best also the tastiest? Read more

Bonfire Night

Beers to sip on Bonfire night

Smoky, spicy, warming and strong Read more


Winter is coming...

Our favourite beers to enjoy after the clocks go back Read more


Halloween beertap

How to make your own halloween beer tap? Read more

Top 5 craftbeer bars Europe

Top 5 coolest craft beer bars in Europe

Discover the selection from beerblogger Mareike Hasenbeck Read more


Westmalle: the mother of the Tripel

The history of the iconic Trappist brewery Read more


Beer and figures

What do IBU, EBC, Cat. and Alc % vol mean? Read more


White beer versus Weizen beer

Is there actually a difference? Read more


Bock or bok? Six questions about bock beer

And of course answers Read more


What's beer without water?

The most undervalued ingedrient Read more


TAPT Beer festival Amsterdam

A great beer festival in Amsterdam 21 and 22 September! Read more


Westvleteren: the mysterious trappist

Find out everything about this mythical beer! Read more


Tripel: a holy trinity

What exactly is a Tripel? Read more


Great beer cities: London

The third and final destination in our beer city series Read more


Lagers from around the world

The grand history of the simple, yellow, fizzy stuff Read more

organic beer vezelay

Organic beer: Brasserie de Vézelay

How is organic beer made? Read more

Sheffield beer city

Great beer cities: Sheffield

The second stop on our English beer pilgrimage Read more

summer bites

Summer beers and bites

Seasonal snacks and sharing plates Read more

ipa quiz

IPA Quiz: Are you an IPA expert?

Put your IPA drinking knowledge to the test! Read more

bristol beer city

Great beer cities: Bristol

A beer-drinker's journey through Bristol Read more

summer pack

Tasting the summer pack

Get the most out of your summer beer tasting Read more

summer menu

What's on my summer menu

Top recipes and beer pairings to try out this summer Read more


Yeast, nature's wonder

About bottom-cropping, top-cropping and spontaneous yeasts Read more

beer in the stadium

Beer in the stadium

The beverage for every sport Read more

World of beers

Beer and football: tasting the World of Beers Pack

A tasting guide for football fans Read more

Father's Day BBQ

Planning a Father's Day BBQ

Recipes and beers to put a smile on his face Read more

IPA the beer of today

IPA: The beer of today

Less big ships, more big hops Read more

father's day

Father's Day

Cheers to dad! Read more

BBQ season

Beers and ideas for BBQ season

Stock the fridge in time for summer Read more

Wit Weissbier

Witbier vs Weissbier

What's the difference? Read more

goat's cheese

Beer with goat's cheese

Unusual pairings to try this Spring Read more

spring beers spring rolls

Spring beers and spring rolls

A simple guide to springtime snacking Read more

new belgian beers

Attention, Belgian beer lovers!

16 new Belgian beers available to try now Read more


Malt: the soul of beer?

The role of malt in beer Read more

Food and Beer pairing for Christmas

Tips: Food and Beer pairings for Christmas

And Ale Roast Goose recipe Read more