easter and beer

The Easter bunny is here: cheers!

Chocolate eggs, lamb, family lunches, happy children, sun and summer getting closer and closer…what else is there to say about the second biggest holiday in the year? Well, beer! Cold, snow and strong dark beers are a thing of the past, now it’s time for something lighter, golden and refreshing. It’s time for Easter beer!

Do you also feel like celebrating the advent of spring? Choices abound! You'll find all of the best new spring beers at Beerwulf. That's why we've listed a couple of beers that we think are an absolute must-try this spring season. You can mix and match to find the perfect combination based on our suggestions, or you could just order our new Spring Pack: a collection of 16 beers that were carefully selected by our experts, guaranteed to put you in a sunny mood! 

Lente pack

16 lentebieren om in de zon van te genieten

Daar is de lente, daar is de zon! Dat vraagt om een fris pack vol heerlijke nieuwe bieren. We hebben deze 16 lentetoppers speciaal voor jou geselecteerd om de eerste zonnestralen te verwelkomen. Proost!

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After the feast, you might feel like a little nap, but there is no time. The eggs are not going to wait for you, so grab one of these wonderful blondes and start digging…

Is it dinner time already?! No panic, here’s something that will put you in the right mood and pairs perfectly with every course. Put the lamb in the oven, mash the potatoes, sit down and enjoy.

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