World of beers pack

World of Beers PackIn celebration of the World Cup

We’re kicking off the World Cup with the World of Beers Pack: an intercontinental box of accessible craft beers from great beer nations all over the world.

Inside the World of Beers pack you’ll find 16 different bottles that are perfect to drink while watching football, so if you didn’t quite make it to Russia for the live show, you’ve still got plenty to look forward to from the comfort of your sitting room.

Whether you’re rooting for England’s ultimate glory or painful demise, there’s no denying that the next month will be jam-packed with blood, sweat and tears, and it’s all available for our viewing pleasure. So fluff up the sofa cushions, stock up on snacks, and fill the fridge with tasty beers from great football nations all over the world. 

Oktoberfest pack

12 beers

In the southern part of Germany, Bavaria, they know how to brew a good beer and how to organise a good party! Thousands of tourists come to the annual Oktoberfest. Thanks to the Oktoberfest Pack with 12 delicious beers brewed in Southern Germany or at least based on this style you don’t even need to leave your house to celebrate. Don’t forget the pretzels and the bratwurst!

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