Beerwulf BLADE shop is officially open

 Welcome to the newest BLADE concept shop. We are so excited to continue this journey with you and service all your BLADE needs. Everything you knew and loved at BLADE.UK can now be found here at Beerwulf. Our shop is well stocked and waiting to be explored. We have an even wider assortment of BLADE Kegs and soon to be, range of accessories.  

If you know exactly what you want, click on the links below. Or, perhaps you would rather take some time to browse and see what the world of professional home draught has to offer. Both are fine by us! Welcome to your newest adventure.

Who are Beerwulf?

Like BLADE.UK we are part of Heineken Group, a standard of quality you know you can trust. Our collective mission is always about providing you with the best possible service we can. 

As e-commerce experts with a growth mindset we are perfectly placed to take BLADE and run with it. We can’t wait to expand and continue the exciting BLADE journey with you.  

Additionally, at Beerwulf we are all about the beer. We believe quality is of the utmost importance, so we strive to bring you the best in beer, from the greatest breweries. All this delivered to straight to your door. We love beer but we love the brewers that create it just as much. Afterall, without their amazing craft, there would be no beer at all. That's why as well as selling lots of tasty beers, we want to tell stories. There are a series of events that led up to you getting that beer into your hand, we wish to document and celebrate the stories of all the fantastic humans involved in doing so. 

So, whether you’re new to Beerwulf or an old friend. Whether you are tapping the perfect pour from either BLADE or The SUB. Or, whether you are getting to know the brewer behind your favourite beer - we’re happy you are joining the pack.