Valentine Beer Gift Packs

Looking for the perfect gift for your Valentine?

It’s always a struggle to find the perfect Valentine’s Day gift that shows your love. Flowers and chocolates are classics but don't you think it's time to be original? Then you should go for a Valentine pack from Beerwulf! We have carefully selected 16 delicious beers that are perfect for sharing.

Our experts put together a pack especially for this occasion. These 16 sexy, flirty and romantic beers take over when you're lost for words. And all of that, of course, united in a sturdy package that certainly survives the transport to your loved one.

Valentine's day pack

Valentine pack

Pack | 16 beers

Love is not always easy to put into words, so we've created a gift that says more than 1000! With 16 special, delicious beers that will give you butterflies in your stomach, this pack has been created for Valentine's Day specially.

Of course you want to know what kind of beers we have chosen to help you with your declaration of love. Let us tell you more about the content of this romantic pack:

  • Frankendael Three Idiots Tripel Spiced (T.I.T.S.): Despite its slightly obnoxious name, the Frankendael T.I.T.S is perfect for a romantic evening. Two big ... uh ... glasses and you're all set to enjoy a perfectly balanced Tripel.
  • Brussels Beer Project Red My Lips: This Session IPA makes your heart beat faster with its flirty tastes! If you are planning a romantic dinner, we advise you to serve this IPA with a sorbet for a taste explosion. 
  • Oedipus Mannenliefde: This is a beer for everyone. It’s a beer that stands for love and passion. An easy Saison with a fresh aftertaste that you will undoubtedly fall in love with.
  • De Eeuwige Jeugd Lellebel: The label of this beer is pretty bold and sexy, and so is the taste. Citrus and tropical fruit take you all the way to the jungle, ideal to accompany the warm feelings that arise from Valentine's Day!
  • Het Uiltje Miss Hooter: This beer from the renowned brewer Het Uiltje is a very seductive Session IPA full of hoppy flavours. Watch out for this one, she's got a lot of spirit. 
  • Thornbridge I Love You Will Marry Me: If you are planning a proposal on Valentine's Day, you can also propose with a beer! This blonde Ale was brewed with strawberries, which gives the beer sweet and sour flavours. Delicious with dessert.
  • Galway Bay Buried At Sea: A slightly less romantic title, but that doesn’t mean that this beer doesn’t fit perfectly with Valentine. Believe it or not, the hints of chocolate and coffee go well with the infamous aphrodisiac: oysters. You don't like oysters? No worries, you can also enjoy this beer with a delicious brownie or chocolate cake. 
  • Zundert Trappist: The Trappists in Zundert demonstrate that they have a good understanding of what love is. This beautiful Tripel is a gift for your taste buds!
  • Brand Sylvester: This ripe winter beer pretty much shouts "Romantic evening"! The warm notes of clove and cinnamon and the full flavour make this beer perfect for Valentine's Day.
  • Affligem Dubble: Fast! Think of an occasion where an Affligem Dubbel is not suitable! It’s pretty hard, isn’t it? This beer is just as suitable to enjoy on a terrace in the sun as on the cozy couch on Valentine's Day.
  • Fuller's London Pride: A classic from the British beer landscape. Beautiful balance between the sweetness of the malt and the bitterness from the hops. Sometimes sweet, then bitter ... sounds a bit like love, doesn't it?
  • St. Bernardus Prior 8: The monk on the label smiles at you when you pick this beer from the pack. A typical example of the acclaimed Belgian beer culture and a wonderful taste palette that sends you in a state of ecstasy.
  • Brewdog 5 AM Saint: Everything about this Amber falls into place. Light, sweet and soft aromas, just like the first kiss with your chosen Valentine.
  • St. Feuillien Grand Cru: This powerful but very elegant beer with a fruity touch will blow your socks off. Pure love from the first to the last sip!
  • Fierce Cranachan Killer: This Pale Ale is ready to surprise you: with a strong raspberry scent you would expect the fruit to dominate, but this is not the case. The bitter aftertaste promises a balanced taste experience.
  • Grimbergen Tripel: Abbey beers are always good and this Grimbergen is not just good, it's great. You can literally taste the love of the monks in the beer.

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