Staycation UK!

This year we are all going to have to get a little bit more creative with how we 'holiday'. In fact, this summer will be like no other, restrictions on plans and travelling abroad. We really need to appreciate our own gardens and what spaces of the UK have to offer. However, we actually believe a well-planned staycation could be even more memorable! So, whether you're staying in your backyard or heading to the beach, Beerwulf has the best beers for you to explore this summer.

Make it a proper holiday with beer

Every staycation needs a good supply of beer. Whether that's crafty cans, classic bottles, or a healthy reserve of Draught Kegs, you need beers to create that holiday vibe. And if you're not already familiar, meet The SUB. Ice cold home draught beer, with an impressive selection of tasty kegs, just perfect for summer! We have lots of suggestions for what beers make for particularly good summer sipping, let us take you on an adventure where you can explore them all!

Bring the bar home this summer

Brewery fresh beer on tap

Food pairings fit for kings and queens

We all know that food is a big part of holidaying, and often a big part of enjoying beer too. Don't worry we haven't forgotten. We have a number of summery suggestions to make it feel a little closer to that beach holiday by the Mediterranean or that sunny city break. We've got suggestions for burgers and veggie for an unforgettable BBQ but also lighter bites and nibbles for when you're snacking in the sunshine. It's your staycation, you choose!

Beer Cases for summer staycations

Popular, craft and classic cases

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Abbey and Trappist Beer Case

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How to get the most from your beer

We all know beer is delicious.  However, there are a few ways to ensure you are always enjoying it at its full potential.  Whether that's drinking it from the right glass, perfecting your pour or ensuring you serve it at the correct temperature. All beer styles have different characteristics, you want to give your beer a chance to flourish and enjoy at its best!

Staycation meaning

For those of you unfamiliar with the term, "staycation", it's basically holidaying in your own home or country. It's a clever mix of the words, stay and vacation, good huh? Although this term existed long before this year, it seems opportune to start celebrating the staycation and make the most of what you have on your doorstep! 

Staycation ideas

You may not be jetting off halfway around the world, but we have some great tips to make it feel just as good...well almost.