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SUBSCRIPTION: frequently asked questions

Our SUBscription service currently allows for one subscription per e-mail address and household. As we have a monthly and bi-monthly option available, we hope we have the right plan for you. Additional regular orders can still be placed outside of your SUBscription if you wanted a few extra SUB Kegs, or wanted to try something different

You can certainly send it to somebody else's address, but please be aware that the plans aren’t transferable so you will be responsible for the payments and contract.

Subscriptions have many benefits, making them an attractive and modern way to interact with your favourite products, in this case, beer! The main perk with our keg SUBscription is convenience, no scheduling, no reordering, no messing around. If you're someone who enjoys fresh draught beer tapped from your SUB, then it's perfect. It's the same beer you were already ordering, but without the hassle! And of course, not forgetting the cost savings you make. If you need more convincing, read our article on "Why SUBscription is a good idea"

If you're brand new to the world of Beerwulf and just want to get a taste of The SUB and the ultimate home draught experience, then check out our 3-delivery plans which include The SUB as a mandatory add-on. You'll also make a saving on The SUB when taken with a SUBscription. 

Or if you want to sign up to any other plan, simply subscribe on the plan that best suits you and once you have signed in or created your account, on the first page of the checkout you'll be given the option to include The SUB from the add-ons section. This additional cost will only be charged once.

Yes. When you click subscribe, you'll be asked to login with your existing account details, or if you're new to Beerwulf you can enter your e-mail address to create an account. We will then e-mail you an activation link to complete your account creation.

Find out more about our general Terms & Conditions.

We guarantee good beer quality of fully sealed SUB Keg for at least 1 month after purchasing from our website. Once you’ve opened your SUB Keg, the beer is guaranteed to stay fresh for 15 days, if stored in a running SUB. You can find the best-by date on the side of your keg. We guarantee the quality of the beer through the end of the month noted. After this date, quality may decrease. In general, we recommend storing your keg in a cool and dry location, for instance the fridge. That will ensure the best beer taste and experience.

All you need to do is head to your, my account section on our site and log in to your account.  Here you will be able to see the details of your Subscription.  Up until 15 days before your next shipment you will be able to click on ‘change selection’ and then change the beers in your plan to the new combination you want to try.  When you are happy with your selection just click save and that’s it. 

Any closer to your shipment date than 15 days and you will be unable to click on the change details button.  After this point it is not possible to change the selection but don’t worry you can always try again for the next shipment.  You will see in your account when you will be able to next make changes.

Your first payment is taken at the moment you sign up to your preferred SUBscription. Your order will then be shipped and delivered, this will usually be within 2 working days. Your next payment will then be on the same calendar date the following month, or the month after that if you opted for a bi-monthly plan.

Yes, you can do this from ‘My Subscription’ in ‘My Account’.

If we are unable to debit the agreed amount, we will automatically retry several more times over the following 7 days but on failure to do so, your delivery will not be shipped for that month and we will then try again at the next billing interval.

We accept recurring payments from Direct Debit and Credit Card

It is likely we won’t be able to debit the agreed amount if you don’t have the correct funds in your account. If we can’t debit the agreed amount then your delivery will not be shipped. 

Unfortunately, we do not deliver to the Channel Islands. But, as with all our products, we will deliver anywhere else in the UK.

Yes, from your account. As long as your payment for the next delivery hasn’t been taken yet, as once this happens it will be delivered to the address we have on file.

Unfortunately, once you have selected the frequency of your plan we are unable to change this. After 6 months, you will be able to switch frequencies when you renew your plan.

You will receive your first delivery 1-2 working days after signing up. We will notify you once your first SUBscription order has been dispatched.

Yes, delivery is free on all SUBscription plans. 

Yes you will. We will ship your delivery on the first available delivery slot after we take your payment. You’ll receive a dispatch and tracking e-mail once we ship your delivery.

Each time we have debited the recurring amount from the method of payment you selected, we will send you an e-mail to confirm the funds have been debited. We will also notify you if we have tried to debit the agreed amount but we couldn’t debit the money, this may be due to their being insufficient funds in your account or your selected method of payment no longer being valid.   


You can cancel your Savings plan at any point, but your contract will not be officially terminated until we have received all 6 payments. Once the 6th payment has been received and you have received your 6th delivery your contract will be officially cancelled. If you sign up to a 3-delivery plan then the above only applies after your 3rd payment/delivery.

You certainly can. We can pause your SUBscription for up to 60 days. Please contact us directly using the 'Support' button at the bottom right-hand side of this page and let us know which date you'd like us to move your next billing date to.

We will notify you when we take your 6th payment that this is the last payment and delivery in your current contract term, and the Savings plan will renew for another 6 deliveries when the next payment is taken unless you choose to cancel or switch contract beforehand. 

The Savings plan can be cancelled at any point throughout your contract term, but will only be terminated once we have received your 6th payment. 

If you sign up to a 3-delivery plan then the above still applies but not until your 3rd delivery/payment.