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The story of: 

Two Chefs Brewing

The story of Two Chefs Brewing began in 2012 when friends Sanne and Martijn started brewing beer in their own kitchen. As former chefs, the name Two Chefs Brewing was quickly decided upon and in 2013, the beers were made in kettles from other breweries for the first time.

Initially, the beers were delivered from a warehouse in North Amsterdam with a cargo bike. But as the beers became more and more popular, their own brewery was opened in Amsterdam in 2017 - replacing the cargo bike with a van.

In the beers of Two Chefs Brewing, taste always comes first - but they are also very drinkable and accessible beers. So whether you're looking for the perfect flavor combination with an impressive meal or just enjoying a glass of beer in the sun on the terrace; Two Chefs always fits.

The beers of Two Chefs at Beerwulf

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Two Chefs Bar West

With two ex-chefs at the wheel, a beautiful bar with good food is to be expected. After a fine dining experiment with Bar Alt in south Amsterdam, the brewery opened its own Two Chefs FoodBar West in (you guessed it) west Amsterdam in 2020.

In the bar, you can enjoy dishes made with local ingredients and products, for example from the bakery next door. You can go there for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but of course also for just a drink on the sunny terrace. Inside you will find ten different taps with great beers to sample and of course there is also a varying selection of bottled and canned beers.