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Two Chefs Brewing


In 2013, Sanne and Martijn established their own beer brand. Two Chefs Brewing was born and from that moment on they hungered home every week to experiment as much as possible with different ingredients and flavors. As former Chefs, they always look at brewing with a chef's eye in order to achieve the perfect balance in taste, aroma and color.

In 2013 they brewed beer in the boilers of other breweries at home and abroad for the first time. The very first beer was the Green Bullet, a classic IPA. In 2014, the first 1000 liters of it sold as fast as lightning and it soon became time for a private warehouse, in Amsterdam North. From there, the Chefs delivered their beer in Amsterdam and grew from two to five men. Not only the team, but also the production and the number of beers grew steadily.

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Two Chefs Brewing
The beers from Two Chefs Brewing

Serious FlavourThe beers from Two Chefs Brewing

Meanwhile the Chefs have brewed many beers and you can find their beer both in the Netherlands and across the border. In the past four years the selection of beer has grown into many specials and five fixed beers, including the Green Bullet IPA, Funky Falcon Pale Ale, Tropical Ralphie Weizen, Howling Wolf Imperial Porter and White Mamba Witbier.

The beers of Two Chefs Brewing are well recognizable everywhere because of the colorful labels and different characters. In 2017, together with the opening of their own brewery, they launched a new identity, which still looks as playful as the old one, but is a bit more mature and much more consistent.

"We do not take ourselves too seriously, you can see that in our labels and our office, which is more like an arcade hall. We take our product and its quality very seriously. For us, these two elements are also the perfect balance. That is what 'Serious Flavor' stands for. "

Grow and improveThe Brewery in Westpoort

In the course of 2016 the Chefs in Amsterdam Noord started to overgrow too quickly and decided to open their own brewery through crowdfunding ( Within a month and a half, they achieved the maximum target of 200%. With that they could begin to realize their dream.

At the end of 2016, the team moved to a 1600m2 location in Westpoort, near Amsterdam Sloterdijk. There is now a brewhouse of 35h, 13 fermentation tanks and a private filling line. The growing brewing team is led by Sebastian Feind, a German-skilled brewer. With his knowledge about brewing and the ideas about beer from Sanne and Martijn they plan to conquer the world. Because that is their ambition: making sure that everyone can enjoy a good beer everywhere, that is high on taste and at the same time accessible.

The Brewery in Westpoort
Bar Alt

Gastronomy and beerBar Alt

The love for the kitchen and good food has never disappeared, so in July 2018 Two Chefs Brewing, in collaboration with Adriaan Verkerk from Restaurant Jacobsz, opened Bar Alt at the Stadionplein in Amsterdam. Bar Alt is inspired by the latest developments in the European Beer Belt and gastronomy worldwide. Fine dining in the high segment combined with craft beers from the world's best brewers, both nationally and internationally. Both available on bottle, tin and freshly tapped from the 20-piece tap wall. In addition to the beers from Two Chefs Brewing and fresh beer from international collaborations, Bar Alt taps beers from the best brewers worldwide.

The Bar Alt team combines classic techniques with the knowledge of now, with each dish having its own beer or wine pairing. The approach to dishes around beer is essential.