"Brewed with botanicals: a short but concise message that rings true. In fact, it is prominently placed on every single one of the Lowlander bottles. Flavoursome beer, brewed with herbs and spices, that's Lowlander in a nutshell. If you talk to founder and Chief Botanical Officer Frederik Kampman, you will understand why: "The Netherlands actually has a very rich brewing history, especially when it comes to brewing with herbs and spices."

Frederik launched Lowlander on 1 January 2016 bit his fascination with herbs and spices had existed for some time before this. His stint working in a distillery, producing Gin packed with botanicals is where the interest stemmed from. But that was not enough for Frederik, "That was fantastic to do, but I really wanted to put something on the map myself. I realised that I could use the herbs not only in gin, but also in beer. When I started researching this, I discovered the rich Dutch beer history. That was the starting point for a lot of our beers, we used that as inspiration and adapted it for contemporary beer styles."


Looks good, tastes good and they do good!

As a botanical brewer, Lowlander has a strong connection with nature. They are aware that we must treat the earth with respect, this is evidenced through their work. And it isn't just clever marketing, they actively make environmentally conscious choices. As just one example, Lowlander are a partner of '1% For The Planet'. Which means they support initiatives that contribute to helping the climate crisis and for the protection of biodiversity.

The beers themselves also use sustainable initiatives. Their wheat beer is brewed with citrus peels leftover from the hospitality industry. Also, for every can of Cool Earth Lager sold, a piece of seagrass is planted at the Seagrass Restoration Project in the Dutch Wadden Sea.

Probably the most eye-catching project is their Winter IPA, for which discarded Christmas trees are collected every year. The needles from these trees are then used to brew next year's Winter IPA.