What is hard seltzer?

Simply put, hard seltzer is an alcoholic sparkling water. A fizzy treat with a kick. But, the clean tasting, refreshment is like nothing you have experienced before. Dare to dream and think outside the box? Well, with Pure Piraña Hard Seltzer you can.

Hard seltzer lets you reimagine the unimaginable. For people with a passion for life and curiosity for the yet to be discovered. Feeling thirsty? Slake it with hard seltzer. 

Hard seltzer taste

4.5% alcohol and 100% enjoyment

But with just 92 calories per 330ml can and 4.5% alcohol, Pure Piraña is changing the world of alcohol forever. Light, thirst-quenching, and invigorating. Hard seltzer is the tongue-tingling summer refreshment with absolutely no compromise on flavour.

Meet The Pack

Available in three dangerously refreshing fruity flavours; lemon lime, wild berries, and grapefruit.
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Hard seltzer ingredients

If the ingredients is important to you, be sure to check the label. Make sure you're getting a natural seltzer, without any of the nasties. Some are still spiked with chemical additives and added sugars. Not Pure Piraña though, just full of the good stuff. 

Made with just three ingredients, there is no messing around and no surprises. We take sparkling water, a little splash of alcohol and a dash of natural flavouring. That’s it, natural and delicious!

Hard seltzer UK

After taking the US by storm, the hard seltzer craze picks up speed in the UK. So, whether you’re new to the trend or a seasoned seltzer lover, the much hyped- sparkling booze is here to stay. And we are over the moon about it. Interested in hearing more about this, new and exciting drinks category taking the world by storm, read our hard seltzer article. 

Hard seltzer on tap

It wouldn't be very Beerwulf if we didn't offer hard seltzer for The SUB. You'll be pleased to hear it is available in 2L SUB Keg.  Effervescent excellence, poured to perfection. 


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